House of dragon and 9 other TV series (new new) to see in one breath in August

It’s the month of dragons, other than holidays. On August 22, drop umbrellas and take a trip to the mountains because there is the prequel of the Throne of Streets that is to say House of dragon. However, it is not the only, highly anticipated, upcoming title: there is a lot of curiosity also around Irma Vepa miniseries that enchanted the last Cannes film festival, and The sandmaninspired by the cult comic of the same name and coming to Netflix. Also there are 25 years since the death of Lady D to pay homage, a new chapter of Star Wars, the sequel to Made for love and the girl power version of the Hulk.


Irma Vep, from 3 August on Sky Atlantic

Irma Vep it is a gem for true connoisseurs. Light years away from the binge-watching stories, Irma Vep unravels with elegant phlegm over eight episodes. The story revolves around Mira: an American movie star in a career and sentimental crisis. Ours flies to France to take part in the remake of Les Vampires: a classic of French silent cinema. Here, however, she will meet her former flame of hers and will have to deal with a director with a thousand pretensions. In a precarious balance between unhappiness and hope, ours will end up confusing her life with that of her character. If, at this point, the plot sounds familiar to you, know that it is normal: the series is inspired by the homonymous film by Olivier Assayas who, 26 years after that direction, has also decided to direct the TV transposition. Remarkable (as always) the acting of the protagonist: the Danish Girl Alicia Vikanderalso known for being Angelina Jolie’s heir in Tomb Raider.


The sandman, from 5 August on Netflix

There is a hand of Neil Gaiman behind the new TV series The sandman from Netflix: which bodes well. The story, halfway between fantasy and comics for goths, starts from a kidnapping gone the wrong way: instead of catching Death, a wizard traps his younger brother, that is Dream, also known as the Sandman. Ours remains imprisoned for about seventy years: when he finally frees himself he must restore the lost order. The series is inspired by the cult comic of the same name, which boasts something like 75 albums: if it works, the TV saga will be able to go on indefinitely.


A league of their own, starting August 12 on Prime Video

Who said baseball is a sport for men only? From here it starts A league of their own, the anthology series with a high rate of girl power inspired by the 1992 film of the same name. The protagonists, a group of girls determined to make a difference on the field, whatever the cost. Their ambition is to play professionally and, of course, to win. However, it will not be easy to be accredited in the eyes of the male public but the stubborn team, led by the tough Carson (Have Jacobson) and Max (Chanté Adams), it will make it. Eight episodes planned, available from 12 August on Prime Video.


Five days at the memorial, from August 12 on AppleTV

If climate change worries you, wait and see Five days at the memorial. The new series of Apple TV starts with a (real) environmental disaster that happened in America to show us the devastating effects it had on the population. More precisely, it will take us into the eye of the storm of Hurricane Katrina by recounting its impact on a local hospital in New Orleans. The situation will become so serious that doctors and nurses will have to make decisions that will affect them forever. The story is inspired by the Pulitzer Prize-winning book Sheri Fink of the same name and boasts the presence of Vera Farmiga (Between the clouds; The departed, The Conjuring).


Lazarus Project, from 12 August on Sky Atlantic

There are jumps in time. Again. And, yes, this is starting to get downright annoying: unless you’re Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future, the risk of getting sick is very high. But there is one but: the series P.project Lazarus he is English and has caused a sensation at home. She seems to be beautiful. So let’s give him a chance and follow the adventures of George, the latest recruit of the Lazarus project. Long story short: the agents of this super secret team clear the time to solve apocalyptic problems and save the world (life easy, huh?). The trouble starts when George’s girlfriend dies and none of his geek friends wants to press the Reset button …


She – Hulk, from August 17 on Disney +

At Marvel they have to keep us on a par. Thus, for a green and angry Hulk with the whole world, his female alter ego arrives: it is his cousin Jennifer Walters, protagonist of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. Single, 30, and a career lawyer, Jennifer gains powers following a blood transfusion donated by her cousin Bruce Banner. To interpret it is Tatiana Maslany, chameleon star of the series Orphan Black. Ours will be joined by three faces known to fans of the MCU universe: Mark Ruffalo as Smart Hulk, Tim Roth in those of Emil Blonsky / Abomination e Benedict Wong in the role of Wong. Nine episodes of the first season.


House of dragon, from 22 August on Sky Atlantic

It is “the” title by definition of the month. But also for the whole year. The wait for House of dragon is in fact very high, as well as expectations: fans expect to see something that is no less epic than Game of thrones (do you understand, dear Martin?). The conditions for doing well are all there: the series is inspired by the book Fire and Blood from George RR Martin, after the American Premiere the reactions were enthusiastic and, last but not least, yes: there are dragons. But let’s get to the story. This is set 200 years before the events mentioned in Game of Thrones and tells the war within House Targaryen for power. Since this is a prequel, there will be no performers of Game of Thrones, but a brand new cast, obviously made up of several hundred Christians: if the story is not unanimous, with RR Martin nothing is done. Among the new protagonists we point out Matt Smith (Doctor Who), Paddy Considine (T.he Third Day, The Outsider) And Olivia Cooke (B.lackout, Modern Love).


Made for love 2, from 28 August on Sky Serie

The first season was nothing short of delightful, and we’re not saying that just because the star is the talented one Cristin Milioti (How I met your mother, Fargo2). The idea of ​​a nerdy, super psycho boyfriend implanting a chip in your brain to control you was indeed a brilliant idea. Not to mention the even more compelling subplot that told of the relationship between the protagonist and her slightly beaten-up father. So we are very curious to see this second season, starting August 28 on Sky Series. As anyone who has seen the series knows (watch out for spoilers), the protagonist Hazel (Milioti) has agreed to return prisoner to her husband to treat her father. How long will the deal hold up? And above all is her better half really telling her the truth?


Andor, from August 31 on Disney +

Of course it’s a very busy summer for fans of Star Wars: first came the well done Obi – Wan and now, from August 31st on Disney +, it arrives Andor. The series, by Lucas Film, is nothing less than the prequel to Rogue one: to understand, the best cinematic spin off at the moment dished up by George Lucas & friends. The protagonist of the aforementioned series is therefore Cassian Andor, only slightly younger: we will understand who he is, what he does and how the rebellion against the Empire was born within the Galaxy. He returns to play the young interstellar pilot Diego Lunawhich had conquered us all with its interpretation in Rogue one.


The princess, from 31 August on Sky Documentaries

There will be 4567 documentaries on Lady D. Yet we never tire of seeing them. The next – which must therefore be seen – is The princess and arrives on August 31 on Sky Documentaries on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana. Unlike the 4567 titles already unveiled on the subject, here there will be no interviews with family, friends and servants: the point of view chosen by the director Ed Perkins is that of the public. Ergo Diana’s life will be told through archive images, videos made by paparazzi, press services and, last but not least, the comments of ordinary citizens, stopped on the street during the 80s and 90s.

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House of dragon and 9 other TV series (new new) to see in one breath in August