“I left my CDI in a com agency to live from my sketches on TikTok”

Posted Oct 20, 2022 5:00 PMUpdated Oct 21, 2022 10:54 AM

” ‘What do you do in life ?’ When I meet people and they ask me this question, in the evening for example, I know that I can’t just answer ‘influencer’. Because in the minds of many, influencer = reality show, thief, dropshipping [fait de revendre cher des produits bas de gamme, souvent fabriqués en Chine, NDLR], Dubai… I have to explain that no, I don’t pocket a million euros basking in the sun. No, I’m not making money on the backs of my community. But these received ideas are not surprising, because the media and TV shows are always talking about scams…

Me, I want to give credibility to the work of a content creator, to show that it’s a real job that requires time, investment, know-how. If it wasn’t serious, I wouldn’t have quit my job for it.

TikTok, a springboard

Before, I worked as a digital manager at Iconic Communication, a communication agency in Ecully, near Lyon, specializing in luxury. I had joined the company on an internship, as a community manager, before becoming a social media manager alternately, then sign a CDI at the end of my studies.

My mission: to manage a digital center of four people. We worked with different brands, jewelry in particular, for which we created a communication strategy, wrote content, created videos or photos, managed their social networks… I also had to negotiate with clients, make quotes, etc.

I loved my daily life and I earned a very good living. But TikTok also seemed to me to be a springboard. In view of my growing community, I told myself that I was potentially going to be able to touch the finger of activities, like stand-up, that I had never imagined being able to do one day.

Cartoons of young couples

Becoming an influencer was never a dream. Initially, when I launched on TikTok as @logfive in November 2020, my content was quite eclectic. I publish videos here and there, without interest, in which I dance, do playback… On a daily basis, I am the kind of guy who likes to entertain the gallery so my friends tell me: “Concentrate on what you do best: make people laugh. » I follow their advice and publish humorous content, with a real editorial line that I stick to.

In June 2021, I start by imitating moms, drawing inspiration from my mother, with her facial expressions, her phrases that come up all the time. Then the teachers. And finally, couples. I like ” A boy a girl “, a series of which I had all the best of on DVD, and I want to bring it up to date, to make a 2021 version of it with our own language codes. To make a caricature of today’s young couples, managing to embody several characters on screen myself.

Content in partnership with major brands

I write all my texts on my own, self-taught, having never taken a theater course. My greatest source of inspiration? Florence Foresti of which I watched all the sketches, especially with Laurent Ruquier [où elle passait dans l’émission « On a tout essayé »].

I try to apply the communication codes that I learned during my bachelor’s degree at the Digital Campus school in Lyon and in a communication agency. The rules I follow to make it work on TikTok are: content that is at least a minute long with lots of punchlines, an unexpected drop, and a catchphrase written over the video.

Very quickly, my content takes. In June 2021, I have 200,000 subscribers. An influencer agency offers me to collaborate with it to put me in touch with brands and make product placements . I tell myself that for her to be interested in me, it’s that potentially what I’m doing is going to take me somewhere…

At that time, I spend all my free time after work preparing and shooting videos. When my friends ask me to go out for a drink, I decline. I release five to six videos a week, at a steady pace.

More and more brands are contacting me, offering to pay me to talk about their products in my videos. They send me a summary of their expectations, then I work on a sketch, which they validate.

Financially speaking, I start by generating a good additional income. Then, my income from TikTok far exceeds my salary in a communication agency.

Full-time tiktoker since January 2022

At the end of 2021, fatigue begins to be felt. Difficult to keep up the pace, to chain work all day and TikTok in the evening. I have the impression that if I perform in one, it is at the expense of the other. After careful consideration, my choice is made: I am leaving my permanent contract to devote myself to content creation.

My family supports me 100% in my decision. They know that if it ever doesn’t work, I’ll be able to bounce back and find a more classic job than content creator on TikTok. This universe seems a bit distant to them. My father is a restaurateur, my mother a nurse in Savoy, and my four brothers and sisters all have manual trades: two of my brothers work in the restaurant business, my sister is a hairdresser, and another brother is a factory worker. For them, working in a communication agency is already a little vague, not really concrete. So live from TikTok… (laughter). But they trust me. And then, I have no wife, no child, it’s time to try!

Since January 2022, I have been devoting my time to content creation. My mornings are often dedicated to administrative tasks. In the afternoon, at the shoots.

I’m never short of inspiration. My surroundings inspire me a lot, and any outing can be a source of ideas. At the bar, for example, I am on the lookout for discussions around me and watch for everyone’s gestures to then imitate them. Well, said like that, it sounds a bit psychopathic like in the series “You” (laughter). As soon as something calls out to me – a facial expression, an expression… – I write it down on my phone, so as not to forget it.

Higher income than with salaried work

Today, the majority of my income comes from product placements. Among other things, I collaborated with Lancel for a travel bag, Samsung for a smartphone and a TV, with Uriage for an anti-blemish cream, Lacoste for perfumes, Center Parcs holiday villages, etc.

My goal: to make qualitative content. I apply myself as much, if not more, to making an advertising video than for a video that I would make without a partnership. And if I don’t feel a product, or I can’t agree on a script with a brand, I move on. And it pays off. My video in partnership with Samsung on a tilting TV, for example, has been viewed more than 4.7 million times.

Part of my cash flow also comes from TikTok. Until then, the platform paid 20 euros for 1 million views to content creators. Since the end of September, it has changed its policy. Now it’s 1,000 euros for a million views. A new source of income for me, and not the least.

I earn a much better living than when I was an employee, but my lifestyle hasn’t changed. I always hang out with the same friends. What has changed ? I am now recognized in the street (laughter). What I miss about my life before is the atmosphere at work, the colleagues, who inspired me a lot. But I have never loved my life so much as today. Entertaining people, writing and directing sketches, that’s what fulfills me the most. I rarely have bad comments on my videos, I think people have understood that I was ultra ‘chill’ and that my goal is to make fun, entertaining content.

Why not become an actor or go on stage

I work logfive as a brand and think long term. My character is a showcase for making other dreams come true. I would like to evolve it outside of the TikTok app. Being on this platform allows me to take risks, to test, and to gain credibility as an actor. Why not do TV, cinema? I don’t dream of being an actor, I don’t have the pretension of becoming Pierre Niney or aiming for an Oscar one day, but playing in a comedy series would tempt me.

Another track: develop my character on stage. As a teenager, I loved watching sketches by Florence Foresty and Gad Elmaleh with my mother. I thought it was crazy to manage to fill a room. For now, if someone offers me to go on the boards for ten minutes, I think I would decline because I don’t feel ready.

But in March 2022, I had the chance to perform at the Mogador theater, on the occasion of an evening of eloquence on TikTok. Seven minutes in front of 1,800 people. I loved. And at that moment, I said to myself: ‘I did really well to leave my CDI.’ »

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“I left my CDI in a com agency to live from my sketches on TikTok”