Iker Casillas is gay or the pyramids of Bisbal: celebrities who mess it up on social networks


Iker Casillas published a tweet last Sunday (which later turned out to be, according to him, a hack) that aroused anger among the LGTBI community, and not only. The goalkeeper seemed to want to get out of the way of the rumors linking him to Iñigo Onieva’s sister by making an unfortunate joke in which she came out of the closet. The work of Turkish pirates or not, the tweet has become part of the history of unfortunate interventions by celebrities on social networks. Do you dare to remember other similar cases with me?

Iker Casillas denounces that his Twitter account has been hacked and that the tweet confessing to being gay is not his

The case of Fernando Tejero

Fernando Tejero and his latest Twitter controversy

The more than fifteen years that we have been with social networks in our lives go a long way. Barely a fortnight ago it was Fernando Tejero who made a mess of it by calling a movie fan a “psychopath” who was wondering if the role she stars in her latest film was intended for Antonio de La Torre. “This says a lot about you, when I don’t like someone I don’t bother commenting on that person, and more like you do”, the actor responded to the citizen. The interpreter added: “You are bitter and frustrated and to your regret very few people think like you”. “Make him look at it and respect my work, what do you do, psychopath?”, he ended up writing.

Leticia Dolera and her notions of geography

Leticia Dolera locating the Canary Islands in the Mediterranean

The actress Leticia Dolera also suffered a good downpour after a tweet with an overdose of political charge placed the Canary Islands in the Mediterranean. The former actress Dolera wanted to combine the COVID macro-outbreak that generated a student party in Mallorca with Vox’s immigration policies and ended up scalded. Following statements by MEP Jorge Buxade in which he accused the Balearic Government of “kidnapping girls” for not allowing them to leave the island due to contagion, hurt wrote a tweet in which he placed the Canary Islands in the Mediterranean Sea.

Pelayo Díaz toasting an attack

The influencer Pelayo Díaz wanted to promote a brand of champagne while condemning the murder of the young Samuel Luiz in La Coruña. And guess what, it went wrong. The stylist uploaded a photo in which he drank an exclusive brand of spirits with a group of friends along with a text in which he condemned the unfortunate murder. After an intense barrage of criticism for his frivolous publication in which he used the death of the young man for his own financial gainPelayo has been forced to apologize publicly.

the past always comes back

Past tweets can also backfire on their authors. In 2012, Pablo Iglesias criticized politicians who bought homes for 600,000 euros on the Blue Bird social network. “Would you hand over the country’s economic policy to someone who spends 600,000e on a luxury penthouse?”, Irene Montero’s ex wondered. Years later the couple bought a controversial chalet in the mountains valued precisely at that amount.

Pablo Iglesias and the price of housing

Another character who had to deal with her past is the former podcaster “Bitch of Satan.” After starring in a controversial television program in which, together with others similar, they emulated the Nuremberg Trials with the archive material of Televisión Española, his racist past came to light. Dozens of interventions in recent years in which he mocked gypsies, gays and blacks without any kind of self-censorship.

unforgettable classics

In this world of celebrities messing around on social networks, it is worth mentioning the classics: that David Bisbal tweet about the little-crowded pyramids during the riots in Egypt or that time Chenoa mistook a lamppost for a paparazzi and accused her of standing guard in front from his house to record it during quarantine. LThe triumphant, very indignant, bellowed against the alleged journalist when in fact the light came from the street furniture on her street.

It should not be forgotten either that story of Jon Kortajarena’s potato omelette. The model wanted to denounce through his Instagram stories the treatment he had received from a home delivery company that was late in ordering from him. His tantrum, totally disproportionate, ended with a comment at the height of that farce: “I hope one day you want an omelette and they play with your feelings.” The model described the company as cruel along with an emoticon of a face crying inconsolably.

Jon Kortajarena's omelette

Do you remember the “He called me fat and period” by Amaia Montero? In an interview conducted in a Sunday Malú wanted to defend that Amaia Montero go on stage without self-conscious about her extra kilos and the former vocalist of La Oreja de Van Gogh tasted like a burnt horn. “To Malú’s #victoriasecret, I wish we were all as pretty and above all as thin as you!”wrote the singer. After some Internet users accused her of seeking prominence, she replied again: “Neither prominence nor hosts, he called me fat, period”

"He called me fat, period"Amaia Montero thus sentenced her controversy with Malú

Much funnier was the slip of Pauline Rubio in 2015 when he mistook a hashtags addressed to the University Entrance Exams (PAU) with the release of his 2015 single “My new vice”. In a few minutes, she was the target of ridicule from users for using “# PAU2015” to promote her recording adventure that year.

Iker Casillas is gay or the pyramids of Bisbal: celebrities who mess it up on social networks