“Indefensible”: lots of action and rhythm for the TVA daily news

the daily Indefensible opens with a particularly terrifying home invasion. Two armed men burst into the opulent residence of a psychiatrist and a shot rings out, setting the stage for the first trial of this new judicial fiction of TVA.

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The pace of the first four episodes watched on Tuesday is breathless and promising. We present the main characters, who evolve within the criminal law firm Lapointe and MacDonald, starting with Mr.e Léo MacDonald (Sébastien Delorme), 44, and his partner and mentor Me André Lapointe (Michel Laperrière), 65, who is thinking of retirement.

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Described by Crown prosecutor Sonia Cadet (Marylise Bourke) as a “kid kodak”, Me MacDonald has a lot to do in the front straight ofIndefensible, of which 80 of the 120 episodes of the first season have already been filmed. He hosts his father “Ti-Bill” (Jean Marchand) who has just obtained his parole after 25 years in prison for murder and he must defend one of the assailants who opened fire in the residence of Dr.r Martin Charbonneau (Christian Bégin), a man who does not seem white as snow.


This assailant in question is camped with great talent by Hubert Proulx, the famous Pouliot of comedy Leo. His character, Pierre Poirier, faces a long list of charges and faces life imprisonment, but since he is under treatment for mental disorders – his psychiatrist is Dr.r Charbonneau – his lawyer could try to have him declared unfit to stand trial. We are at the heart of an immeasurable human drama whose ramifications have not ceased to surprise us, this story stretching over four weeks.

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Within the firm Lapointe and MacDonald, we are also interested in Me Marie-Anne Desjardins (Anne-Élisabeth Bossé), who has not pleaded for two years following a violent incident. With everyone busy at the office, she is forced to jump into the water to defend a police officer accused of threatening a citizen with his service weapon during an episode of road rage. To help her, she can count on the new trainee Inès Saïd (Nour Belkhiria) who, as soon as she arrives at the firm, realizes that she will have to be wary of Mrs.e Frédéric Legrand (Martin-David Peters), a real villain.

The presence of snow in the first four episodes can be explained by the fact that they were shot last February. The sequel will be more spring and summer, a prolonged stoppage of filming, due in particular to an episode of COVID-19 which meant that the turns of the crank did not resume until last April under the leadership of the director-coordinator Stephane Simard. Nevertheless, with already two thirds of the season in the box, the pressure is less strong to complete the first season. Filming for the second season is expected to resume in the spring of 2023.


The series is written by a collective of authors, under the supervision of Nadine Bismuth and based on the original idea of ​​criminal lawyer Richard Dubé. The latter, who pleaded as far as the International Criminal Court in The Hague, began to imagine Indefensible a quarter of a century ago. Initially, he and his wife, Pixcom producer Izabel Chevrier, had instead considered a series of 10 episodes per season. That was before Pixcom producer Charles Lafortune, knowing that TVA was looking for a good idea for a daily newspaper, measured the full potential ofIndefensible at the rate of four half-hours per week.

In addition to the actors already mentioned, Indefensible will feature recurring characters played by Mikhaïl Ahooja, Mathieu Baron, Marie-Ève ​​Perron, Catherine Renaud and Tatiana Zinga Botao.

Produced by Pixcom, in collaboration with Quebecor Content, the daily Indefensible will be broadcast Monday to Thursday, at 7 p.m., on TVA, starting September 12.

“Indefensible”: lots of action and rhythm for the TVA daily news