Indian Jeffrey Dahmer? Everything You Need To Know About Mohammed Shafi, Kerala’s ‘Cannibal’ Serial Killer

Mohammad Shafi and Jeffrey Dahmer

Thiruvanthapuram: Police have described Mohammed Shafi, the main suspect in the Kerala human sacrifice case, as a “sexual pervert” and a criminal who is said to have a habit of injuring the genitals of his female victims.

A trending OTT series, “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,” also rips light into dark fantasies similar to those of Mohammed Shafi. The series airs on Netflix and shows how American serial killer and sex offender – Jeffrey Dahmer murdered around 17 men and ate some of their body parts.

A similar pattern could be seen in the gruesome murders of Shafi. Mohammed Shafi is the main accused in the case of human sacrifices in Kerala. Shafi reportedly used the name “Sreedevi” on Facebook and befriended another defendant, Bhagaval Singh, a traditional healer and self-proclaimed poet. According to the police, Shafi used photos of flowers as his profile picture.

Bhagaval Singh and his wife, Laila, were facing financial difficulties and they were lured by the promise of financial prosperity. Shafi then pretended to be a holy man who could cure their ailments and improve their financial situation.

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According to some reports citing the police, Shafi also had sex as part of the occult ritual.

On October 11, Kerala police arrested the couple for allegedly killing two women – Rosyln and Padmam – as human sacrifices after being advised by Shafi to do so in order to gain financial prosperity.

According to the police, Shafi is a psychopath and a pervert who loves cruelty. The accused brutally murdered the two women in June and September. A missing person report in Kochi in September brought both murders to light. There are also allegations that Shafi and the couple ate the flesh of the two deceased female victims.

The accused couple told police they consumed the flesh of their victims after murdering them.

During interrogation, the defendants revealed that they killed the two women by slitting their throats and cutting their bodies into pieces before burying them near their house in Pathanamthitta district.

Padmam, one of the victims, worked as a lottery agent in Kochi. Mohammed Shafi allegedly lured her with a role in a movie and promised to pay Rs 10 lakh and then took her to Elanthoor and murdered her.

It’s a very similar way that Jeffrey Dahmer killed people. He tricked people into entering his apartment on the pretext of clicking pictures or for other trivial reasons. Sometimes Dahmer paid victims money to visit his apartment. Once the victims entered the apartment, they were drugged, molested and murdered. According to reports, the bodies of the deceased victims were dismembered and some body parts were eaten or preserved. About 17 men and boys were murdered by Jeffrey Dahmer and some of his murders involved horrific acts like “cannibalism” and “necrophilia”.

To know more about Mohammed Shafi, media First post spoke with Dr. Rajat Mitra, who holds a doctorate in psychology and currently teaches as a professor in the Department of Forensic Medicine and Psychology at Amity University.

Dr Mitra said: “It is entirely possible that people like Shafi are out of touch with reality. To eat human flesh and do such insane things, they must have reached the edge of reality and started believing in fantasy.”

“The fact is, for example, that cutting body parts and eating becomes their signature in the crime. It is the specific way in which they have, in their own way, appreciated the crime,” added Dr Mitra.

According to reports, Mohammed Shafi stabbed the women’s private parts, cut off their breasts and most likely ate them.

Indian Jeffrey Dahmer? Everything You Need To Know About Mohammed Shafi, Kerala’s ‘Cannibal’ Serial Killer