Is Video Of Naked Man Leaving Buckingham Palace Linked To ‘Satanic Ritual’?

In the framework of death of the Queen isabel II of the United Kingdom, have emerged misinformation before and after his death. A tweet with a video says that: “Now that Queen Elizabeth II has died (…) the psychopathic elite performs satanic pedophile rituals.” Nevertheless, It is false that the video was recorded at Buckingham Palace in the framework of a supposed ritual.

The publication contains a video in which a naked man appears and falls from one of the windows of the Buckingham Palace. From what is seen in the material, it was recorded by two women who laugh after they see the fall of the subject from the highest point of the Royal House.

The user who made the tweet usually shares videos with disinformation, biblical quotes, among other content. In June 2020, the same video was verified in an investigation by Columbia Checkas it was thought to be a boy escaping from the palace, which is also fake.

The video circulates from 2015 and was disseminated by the media with different holders: «naked man in Buckingham Palace», «naked man hanging from Buckingham Palace». This is the publication in which it was recently spread:

It is not a satanic ritual

According to the note of Columbia Checkthe images are part of the advertising campaign of The Royals, an American series about British royalty. This television program was on the air between 2015 and 2018.

the portal of fact checking found that Tom Malmros, a film director who collaborated with the production of the commercials for the series, posted on his Vimeo channel the Complete version of a video in which the fragment that went viral appears.

Video: Tom Malmros Vimeo Channel

The Colombian media quoted a note from AND! Entertainment Television in which they explain that said video was part of the material of a intrigue campaign to promote the series The Royals.

When making a reverse lookup with the key frames of the video, through the fact-checking tool invidthe results show that the disinformation of the alleged “naked boy escaping from Buckingham Palace” was replicated on multiple occasions. The denial of Columbia Check It is one of them.

Buckingham Palace looks different

In your verification note, Columbia Check quoted an article from the media France Info in which he analyzes Buckingham Palace in the video fragment and compare with an image of the Royal House extracted from google streetview.

Image: France Info

The following features are described in the image:

  • Corinthian column decoration evident in the video, but not in the royal palace
  • Two horizontal panes of glass in this window (in the video) compared to three panes in the actual palace windows
  • Larger gap between the two floors (in the royal palace) compared to the video
  • Difference in fence decoration: probably replaced in post production to make inserting images behind it easier

In conclusion, It is false that the video of the tweet corresponds to a “satanic pedophile ritual”. The video of the publication began to roll on social networks from 2015 Y It is part of the commercials of The Royalsan American series on the British crown.

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Is Video Of Naked Man Leaving Buckingham Palace Linked To ‘Satanic Ritual’?