Jamie Lee Curtis, the Halloween Ends icon who embraces his age with awareness

Jamie Lee Curtis has been the queen of Halloween for 44 years: here are her secrets

He will turn 64 next November 22nd, yet Jamie Lee Curtis looks younger and brighter than ever. Until a few decades ago, hers in Hollywood would have been an age in which to be part of her, in which producers and directors would have involved her only for marginal roles. Instead, never before has the actress been experiencing one new stage of splendor: after the recent participation in extravagant and successful films such as Knives Out: Dinner with murder And Everything Everywhere All At Onceis now back in the cinema with Halloween Endsthe final chapter of that horror saga who made it known 44 years ago.

Daughter of the icon Psycho Janet Leigh and the legendary Spartacus Tony Curtiswas only 19 when, in 1978, she was hired by John Carpenter for her first starring role in Halloween – The night of the witches, a film then considered low-cost (apparently it had only been paid 8 thousand dollars). Curtis played Laurie Strodea young nerd student who becomes the obsession of a psychopathic, masked killer called Michael Myerswhich strikes on the night of October 31st. The film was a resounding success that gave way to a series of sequels that were not all memorable. In the meantime, the young newcomer became an increasingly sought-after actress: in 1983 she is in An armchair for two by John Landis, in 1988 in A fish called Wandafollowed in 1994 by the legendary True Lies alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, in 2004 That crazy Friday alongside Lindsay Lohan.


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The legacy of Halloween

These are all iconic roles but there is also a stalemate in his career. In 1998 the attempted revival Halloween: 20 years later, in which the actress returned to the role of Laurie, fails to match the original. The saga restarts in 2018 with a new trilogy directed by David Gordon Greenwhich snaps back to the original and deletes previous sequels: with Halloween And Halloween Kills, Curtis returns in a more mature version, exploring the trauma of surviving those horrors and having to protect her family from the ghosts of her past. We see an unedited, isolated and unedited Laurie closed in its alcoholismforced to return to fight her former nemesis. The reboot was a success: according to the New York Times L’Halloween of 2018 was “the biggest debut of a horror film driven by a woman“.

The evolution from a little girl next door to a family woman seeking revenge is a story arc that allows Curtis to give a mature and articulated closure to this cycle, which ends precisely with Halloween Endsin cinemas from 13 October: “All that good has arrived in my life must be traced back to Laurie”, said the actress in an editorial on People: “As I write these lines I connect all the dots. If I hadn’t been in Halloween I would not have met John Landis, the director who wanted me in An armchair for two and that showed the world that I can be fun. Which that made me get A fish named Wanda and so on”. That role of her changed her life, tying her tightly to a genre, that of slasher film, for a long time considered second-class but which she always enriched with her measured and intense style. This legacy that you paid homage in the Ryan Murphy series Scream Queena slightly camp celebration of all this imagery between glamor and terrifying.

Jamie Lee Curtis, the Halloween Ends icon who embraces his age with awareness