Jigsaw: Here’s how to dress up as a crazy killer for Halloween

The “puzzle killer” is one of the most famous criminals in the history of cinema. Here’s how to reproduce the costume of the protagonist of Saw for Halloween.

To send your friends shivers down the spine for the big Halloween night, skeletons and vampires are classic choices that aren’t necessarily the most relevant. To terrorize your loved ones, the safe bet for this fall is the serial killer. We guarantee you that dress up as a horrible killer clown as Pennywise in ThatWhere pretend to be Freddy Krueger can give you the opportunity to give your neighbors the scare of a lifetime.

John Kramer, aka Jigsaw, is of this caliber. One of the most iconic characters in the world of cinema and pop culture, the serial killer marked a whole generation of moviegoers. Both protagonist and antagonist of the horror movie series Saw Created by James Wan and Leigh Whannell, the man with the ventriloquist doll is reputed to be one of the most sadistic serial killers in fiction.

Who is Jigsaw?

At the start, nothing predestined John Kramer to become the monster known to all. Brilliant civil engineer, everything succeeds at this fiftieth anniversary, both in his private life and in his professional life. Married and happily married, his wife Jill manages to get pregnant. He is also preparing to carry out a huge project to redevelop a former meat-packing factory into social housing, which he calls Gideon, named after his future son. In short, everything is going well.

In a few weeks, bad luck will however strike John Kramer. His wife loses her child due to an involuntary gesture, his nephew dies in a road accident linked to sabotage, and he learns that he has frontal lobe cancer which could have been diagnosed much earlier without a serious medical error. It’s too much for this little man, who makes a suicide attempt jumping off a cliff.

Unfortunately for him and for the others, he survives it and then decides to dedicate the rest of his life to testing the limits of human nature. John Kramer abandons all of his current plans and is denied funding to treat his cancer with an experimental clinical trial. Disappointed with humanity, the broken man vows his existence to make understand the importance of life to those who do not benefit from it or who have been guilty of unpunished crimes.

Half-vigilante, half-psychopath, John Kramer macabre games scaffold to murder his victims. He uses a ventriloquist doll for this, which he records on video cassettes. Thus was born the legend of Jigsaw.

Here is the movie trailer. If you’ve never seen it, we highly recommend it!

How to dress up as a Jigsaw for Halloween?

To reproduce the features of Billy, John Kramer’s sadistic puppetthe brand thematys offers this complete costume. We therefore find a mask sporting the charming little face of the ventriloquist doll, synthetic hair to give it scope, bow tie to give it a little classy side, and finally white gloves to show that we are dealing with a true professional criminal.


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To piss off your neighbors even more, thematys also markets the hippie pig mask used by John Kramer to remove his victims before anesthetizing them. Made of latex and rich in detail, this pig’s head is bound to cause awe. In short, the perfect accessory for a successful Halloween.


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Why is Jigsaw a cult serial killer?

The main element of horror in John Kramer’s modus operandi is represented by Billy, his favorite puppet. If you are familiar with movies Sawdo you know that the doll with the evil smile interacts with victims once they are trapped, through a recorded video explaining his motives. All his messages begin with the formula “Hello”, then the first name of the victim, and finally ” we are going to play a game “. After explaining the nature of the sadistic game from which the victim must extricate himself, he always concludes with: ” Live or die. The choice is yours. »

Then follows a countdown where the trapped person must do whatever they have to do, or risk being sentenced to death. With one goal in mind: to test the victim’s instinct for survival. A terrible game, which elevated John Kramer to the rank of cult serial killer.

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Jigsaw: Here’s how to dress up as a crazy killer for Halloween