Jimmy Savile: A British Nightmare, what is this horrifying true story?

Once is not custom, Netflix offers a new series inspired by real events! “Jimmy Savile: A British Nightmare” therefore revolves around the star of the same name. Sensitive souls abstain, the title of the program not having – at all – been chosen at random…

Jimmy Savile: A British NightmareWhat is it about ?

Jimmy Savile: A British Nightmare revolves around the life of the star of the same name. Born in 1926 in Leeds, this television man died at the age of 84 in the same city. If you don’t know this famous figure in British entertainment, know that he was both a DJ and a presenter. A figurehead of the BBC at the time, he hosted many successful shows, from Speakeasy to Jimmy Savile’s Old Record Club.

For nearly twenty years, he headed the show Jim’ll Fix It – in other words, Jim will take care of it. This well-known program aims to realize the dreams of its spectators, mostly children. Throughout his impressive career, Jimmy Savile is lauded for having wear his heart on his sleeve. The star pays a lot of money to health centers and hospitals. His death, which occurred in 2011, moved a large part of the population. But, very quickly, the wheel turns! If in 2008, a short little publicized investigation had targeted Savile, this time, things are very different. The truth can no longer be contained.

Jimmy Savile ©SWNS.com

The Master of Horrors

A year after his death, the reputation of the deceased take a big hit to the broadcast of a dependent documentary. In the latter, five women reveal having been assaulted by the star when they were teenagers. The case begins to make noise and more and more elements are coming to light. In total, we are talking about several hundred victimsparticularly in the centers and hospitals it financed.

The one now described as an “opportunistic sexual predator” would have abused a bewildering number of patients – children, women and men alike. His apparently charitable activities enabled him above all to approach new prey. Jimmy Savile raged for over sixty years, until he is 82 years old. As if that weren’t enough, the psychopathic philanthropist was also fond of hospital morgues. It is said that he particularly liked this place… enough to make your blood run cold!

It should be known that the scandal resulting from the revelations around the life of Savile allowed several other cases of sexual assault to be finally taken seriously. As for the memory of the BBC star, the associations bearing his name have been dissolved, his awards withdrawn and his tombstone… destroyed.

When reality feeds fiction

For the record, the description of the misdeeds of this despicable character will perhaps have made the assiduous fans of the series think. sherlock. Indeed, in the fourth season of the successful program, the detective camped by Benedict Cumberbatch faces a new antagonist: Culverton Smith (Toby Jones). The latter is none other than a degenerate philanthropist whose history and social position are very reminiscent of those of Jimmy Savile. In the same way, he passes for a saint with the population. Likewise, he goes back and forth to his hospitals, passing off his madness for a characterful extravaganza.

Toby Jones in sherlock – ©BBC

You can already find the two episodes of the miniseries Jimmy Savile: A British Nightmare on Netflix.

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