Jorge Javier Vázquez calls on TVE’s La 2 for a “left

Jorge Javier Vázquez cannot choose between Pedro Sánchez and Yolanda Díaz. “I’ll stay with the two together. I would love it,” he said during an interview that Gemma Nierga did to him in the program he presents on La 2. The appearance of the Mediaset star presenter on the second channel of TVE, something unprecedented, occurred at purpose of launching his latest book.

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“We are in a very complicated situation and it is urgent that the left stop using so many acronyms, so much fragmentation,” explained Jorge Javier Vázquez. “It is time for a left-wing front to continue betting on a progressive country and that dark and forgotten morals and ethics are not imposed on us,” added the presenter, who has always given his public support to left-wing parties: PSOE , More Country and We Can.

During the talk with Gemma Nierga, Vázquez addressed other topics, such as his work in Save me. “Are you worried that you have hurt someone and not been aware of it?” asked the journalist. “No. I’ve always been very conscious.” “And you still have done it?” Nierga insisted. “No, man, no. I’m not a psychopath.” “But you, in your program, have you not been aware of going too far, of asking about your life until perhaps you end up crying and there is nothing to make you stop, or do you do it for the audience?” the presenter continued.

“I have a very different conception of what other people can have about what intimacy means. I think that everything can be asked and you detect when you cannot go for a topic and when the interviewee wants to continue” Jorge Javier explained. “Interviewing has a lot to do with psychology and you have to know how to listen and realize how far he wants to tell. But the job of a journalist is to investigate as much as possible,” he commented.

Regarding the audience crisis of the program, Vázquez recalled that he has “lived many times and many crises.” “We are facing a moment in which television has changed a lot. Before we had a 20% audience with most of the programs, now it is difficult for us to reach 15%. We have been there for 14 years,” he analyzed. “When many say the failure of Save me we would have to be more fair and say the miracle of ‘Save me’ because a format that has been running for 14 years and continues to be a leader is not a failure”. Save me We have survived something terrible, a program that talks about the lives of others has survived after a pandemic in which people were locked up in their homes, so what are you talking about, “he closed.

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The death of Mila Ximénez, her family or addictions and her relationship with sex were other issues on which Jorge Javier and Gemma Nierga spoke. This last part is the one that aroused the most “modesty” in the presenter. “But do you know what is active and passive?” Jorge Javier waited for the journalist, who blushed even more, when the interview was about to end. “Thank you, Jorge Javier. And I do know what it is.”

Jorge Javier Vázquez calls on TVE’s La 2 for a “left-wing front” with Pedro Sánchez and Yolanda Díaz “united”