Jorge Javier Vázquez uses TVE to refer bluntly to the crisis of ‘Save me’: “Something terrible…”

Jorge Javier Vázquez has jumped by surprise to TVE visiting Gemma Nierga in ‘Cafè d’Idees’, the program that is broadcast on La 2 in Catalonia.

Jorge Javier Vázquez continues to promote his book “Antes del olvido” and this Thursday he has made the leap to TVE. He has done it by visiting Gemma Nierga in ‘Cafè d’Idees’the program that he presents on RTVE Cataluña through La 2. An interview in which he has once again talked about the ‘Save Me’ crisis and his future on television.

During the talk with Gemma Nierga, Jorge Javier Vazquez He has reflected on his biggest addiction. And no, we are not talking about the one he had with alcohol and sex as he himself admits in his latest book. But the one he had to work. «For me the most dangerous addiction I have had is work addiction. What happens is that addiction to work », he asserts.

“What happens is that it is an addiction that seems well regarded for being productive, but an addiction is always bad,” the presenter highlighted. «For me, addiction to work led me to put aside my family, my partner and focus only on myself. It turned me into someone selfish, a nonconformist, ”Jorge Javier acknowledged in this regard.

After that, Gemma Nierga has taken the opportunity to ask him if after the crisis that ‘Save me’ has experienced, he has considered leaving television as he has said so many times. “This is a job where at certain times in your life you are always thinking about leaving. And you are always imagining other lives. I am also afraid of leaving my life because you face nothing, which has its poetic point of view of let’s see what I do at 53 years old. Getting up without having anything to do also causes a lot of discomfort. Then we think that new jobs are not going to come out and we don’t think that other things are going to come out. But I prefer not to waste time imagining other lives because you lose the one you are living, “Jorge Javier Vázquez responded.

Are you afraid you have hurt someone?

Later, Gemma Nierga has dared to ask Jorge Javier Vázquez if he fears he has hurt someone by doing a program like ‘Save me’. «You work every day talking about the private lives of other people. Are you worried that you have hurt someone and not have been aware of it? «I have always been very conscious. I am not a psychopath,” he defended.

“But you in your program have not been aware of going too far, of asking about your life until perhaps you end up crying and there is nothing to make you stop or do you do it for the audience?”, insisted Gemma Nierga. «I have a very different conception of what other people may have about what intimacy means. It is that I believe that everything can be asked and you detect when you cannot go for a subject and when the interviewee is silent but wants to continue. Interviewing has a lot to do with psychology and you have to know how to listen and realize how far he wants to tell. But the job of a journalist is to investigate as much as possible”, stressed Jorge Javier.

«We should talk about the miracle of ‘Save me’, not about failure»

“Do you see yourself 13 years older in ‘Save me’?” Gemma Nierga asked him then. “Thirteen more, I would be 65,” Jorge Javier responded with a laugh. «When I started on TV and they interviewed me if I saw myself in this a lot … And I said no, that I did not see myself giving the news that Paquirrín is getting married, and he already has three children. You never know”, the Catalan added sardonically.

«In the book you recognize that ‘Save me’ has gone through times of low audiences. Now, have you recovered or do you think it is inevitable to go down? Do you think it is an exhausted format?”, Nierga was interested in the audiences of the Telecinco program. «I don’t know, I have lived many times, and many crises and we are facing a moment in which television has changed a lot. Before we had a 20% audience with most of the programs, now it is difficult for us to reach 15%. We have been here for 14 years,” Vázquez replied.

“Me when many say the failure of ‘Save me’ we should be more fair and say the miracle of ‘Save me’ because a format that has been running for 14 years and continues to be a leader is not a failure“, sentenced Jorge Javier Vázquez. “In ‘Save me’ we have survived something terrible, a program that talks about the lives of others has survived after a pandemic in which people were locked up in their homes, so what are you talking about, “he also defended.

Jorge Javier Vázquez uses TVE to refer bluntly to the crisis of ‘Save me’: “Something terrible…”