Loki: a nod to an MCU film spotted on the set of season 2

Production for this new season has just started on the UK side, and fans have already spotted a fun easter-egg.

After battling Thor and the Avengers, before sacrificing himself to the mighty Thanos, Loki confirmed his strong following within the MCU by becoming the star of his own series last year. We saw Thor’s half-brother face the TVA (Time Variant Authority) in an intrigue that fascinated fans, and allowed Marvel Studios to reap some awards. Crucial for the future of the MCU, Loki has indeed introduced the notions of the multiverse and the Kang threat, which should be more important in season 2.

Towards the appearance of an Eternal in the second season?

To the delight of fans, the God of Mischief will return for new episodes, as confirmed by the end of the first season. The filming of this new salvo has just started on the side of the United Kingdom, in London. As often, first glimpses were quickly shared on social networks and a photo has particularly been talked about in recent hours. Curious people have indeed noticed the presence of a poster inspired by a character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, introduced quite recently. We can see an image of Kumail Nanjiani, in the skin of his character Kingo.

In The Eternals, this character is one of the members of the cosmic team led by Sersi and Ikaris. After defeating all the Deviants on the planet, he decides to devote himself to the seventh art and becomes a key actor in Bollywood cinema. After a season 1 which evolved quite disconnected from the MCU, the second burst of episodes could therefore offer more references and teasings to the Cinematic Universe. And why not introduce some cameos. For the moment, no follow-up to Eternals has not been announced and we can therefore imagine that the characters introduced in Chloé Zhao’s film could return, but in other projects.

Owen Wilson back alongside Tom Hiddleston

There are also other posters to consider, featuring characters from the Marvel Universe like Brad Wolfe who, in the comics, was an actor possessed by an entity named Zaniac, a psychopath with killer fever. Without a release date for the moment, this season 2 will also be the opportunity to find Sophia di Martino in that of Lady Loki, Gugu Mbatha-Raw in Ravonna Renslayer, Wunmi Mosaku in Hunter B-15 and of course Owen Wilson in the skin of Mobius.

The latter was also seen in the middle of filming alongside Tom Hiddleston. On the few visible images, the two actors sported a gala outfit. If we trust the extras present on the set and the cars parked in front of the Noël Coward Theatre, it could be that the scene shot takes place in the 1970s. Many time travels and various realities are therefore to be expected, but we will have to wait until 2023 to find out more.

Loki: a nod to an MCU film spotted on the set of season 2