Lola Dewaere, OPJ (France 2): “At the time, I wasn’t too interested…”

What do you put in your suitcase when you go to shoot in a series on the island of Reunion?

Lola Dewaere: We take the essentials: swimsuits, sarongs and a pair of flip-flops.

You play as a rather loudmouth lawyer, Sarah Chain, who does not hesitate to question the work of the police in front of the press. How did you find yourself embarked on this season of OPJ?

In fact, the series has grown over the seasons (4.3 million viewers as a bonus, or 20% in audience, editor’s note) and, in order to give it a little more visibility, I was called to ask me to be a guest, as Olivier Marchal or Samir Boitard could have been. At the time, I wasn’t too interested. I was afraid of playing another cop. And then, I noticed that it was something a little new, given this character of a lawyer who flirts with the yellow line… In addition, there was the pleasure of meeting Édouard Montoute, with whom I shot in the series The cruise (in 2013, on TF1). We don’t have many scenes together, but I was happy to see him again.

What can you say about Sarah Clain, your character?

I don’t want to reveal all the springs of these two episodes, but we can say that Sarah is a wounded woman, with scores to settle, but she is also a woman who seeks to repair certain things…

Did you improvise a lot, as you like to do?

Yes, but I don’t arrive with my hands in my pockets on a shoot. What’s true is that I never think too much in advance about what I’m going to do with my character. I like to let myself be guided by the moment and instinct.

In parallel with OPJ, you shot season 3 of the detective series Astrid et Raphaëlle, where you play Commander Raphaëlle Coste. What can you tell us about it ?

That it will soon be broadcast on France 2. And that season 2 ended with a suspense around the character of Astrid (played by Sara Mortensen), namely: will she be able to continue working within from the police? And without revealing to you what will happen, know that it will be a question of love stories for Astrid and Raphaëlle. And not mere flirting.

You had confided, in an interview, that you had written letters to three of your favorite directors, Alexandre Astier, Quentin Dupieux and Albert Dupontel, without ever having posted them. Is this still the case ?

Yes, but maybe they will read me in TV 7 Days. I still have a slight impostor syndrome, which may explain why I didn’t dare to send them these letters… I really love what they do. Just like the work of director Xavier Gens: Hitman, Frontier(s) or Julien Maury: leather face, The Deep House.

These last two filmmakers are best known for genre films, even horror…

Yes, but me, here, I love when it squirts! I dream of playing a badass, a really badass girl who hits all the time…

OPJ: Thursday July 28 at 9:10 p.m. on France 2

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Lola Dewaere, OPJ (France 2): “At the time, I wasn’t too interested…”