Lola, Olga Moreno’s daughter, cannot believe what she hears from her father

The bad comments towards Antonio David not only have to endure Rocío and David, but also Lola, the nine-year-old daughter of Olga Moreno and the former civil guard.

Olga Moreno can still protect her little girl from the people who attack her father because of all the conflict she has with Rocío Jurado’s daughter. However, there will come a point when Lola will grow older than her and through television and social networks she will see people insult her father.

As happened after the last chapter of the docuseries was broadcast yesterday In the name of Rociowhose guest was Cristina Cárdenas, an old friend of the marriage.

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Olga Moreno, worried about her ex-husband and the comments they say about him

Olga Moreno already knew what she was facing when she decided to have a relationship with the youtuber. However, for that reason, the mother of Rocío and David had not yet manifested herself. Until two years ago when Mediaset and La fabrica de la Tele proposed two documentaries to tell the whole truth about her with witnesses and evidence.

that’s how it came about Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive Y In the name of Rocio. Yesterday the last chapter ended in which there were many tears, emotions and thanks. But also warnings and threats, how could it be otherwise, directed at Olga Moreno’s ex, who is called ‘El Ser’ on Telecinco.

Cristina Cárdenas was the last guest in this documentary. She was a close friend of the couple when Rocío and Antonio David were together.

She was the one who gave the alert 25 years ago, as she explained yesterday on the program: “Nobody believed me. I was a victim of ‘being’ and I still am, because feeling guilty for leaving me marked for life not having reacted at that moment. Living now what Rocío has suffered again is very difficult to explain, it is impotence and the need to do justice”.

The interview by Jorge Javier began strong. “Antonio David Flores Carrasco is an abuser and a psychopath”, words that the guest said about Olga Moreno’s ex and that she did not hesitate for a second to pronounce them.

Olga Moreno tells another totally different reality of her marriage to him

Olga Moreno has always shielded herself from her experience and from what she lived with him in their relationship and in their marriage. That is why she never supported the testimony of her ex-wife and mother of Rocío and David.

Cristina Cárdenas is clear that the nickname ‘El Ser’ is lying, because otherwise she would have already denounced her. “I’ve been saying it for 26 years, putting my face on, giving my name, I’m not hiding. I’ve been waiting for 26 years for Antonio David Flores to report me for calling him an abuser, he has never reported me,” explained the guest.

“If you were innocent and I called you an abuser and accused you of a crime for twenty-six years, wouldn’t you have already denounced me?” Cárdenas questioned the presenter.

Jorge was also very clear about it, he would have already denounced him. “Well, I’m still waiting. If he had denounced me, I would have already proven that he is guilty and his business would have ended many years ago.”

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Rociíto’s friend knows what she is talking about. “That’s why she’s not interested in denouncing me,” she says. Now she just has to wait for the response from Olga Moreno’s ex, which will not be long in coming.

Answers that he usually gives through his YouTube channel in which he comments on all the programs that have to do with him or the daughter of ‘the Jury’.

Lola, Olga Moreno’s daughter, cannot believe what she hears from her father