Love is in the meadow 2023: this farmer is unanimous among viewers (ZAPTV)

This Monday, January 30, viewers had the chance to see or see Julien again, a farmer who had already participated in the show L’amour est dans le pré, as Guillaume’s suitor. On social networks, Internet users immediately fell in love with the handsome bachelor.

Love is in the meadow is back on M6. This Monday, January 30, the sixth channel unveils the first part portraits of the 18ᵉ edition of the show. And this year, 14 farmers agreed to participate in the dating show hosted by Karine Le Marchand. The TV host once again criss-crossed France to meet them and discuss their desires with them. During a long interview, each of the 14 candidates spoke openly with the TV presenter so that viewers can learn more about their lives but also to allow them to apply and have the chance to meet a farmer. Eight years ago, during the broadcast of season 10 of Love is in the meadowthe viewers had become acquainted with Guillaume, the first homosexual farmer from the speed dating show. The latter had caught the eye of a certain Julien, but the magic had not taken between the two men. This Monday evening, the former suitor therefore came to try his luck but this time, he passed to the other side of the desk, since he awaits the candidacies of his future suitors.

In his portrait, Julien confided in an open heart to Karine le Marchand explaining that he would like to meet someone sincere. “I just want someone who cares about who I am. I would like people to be interested for me, for what I am, not for what I seem. What I miss is being important to someone”he confided with tears in his eyes.

Julien catches the eye of viewers

Shortly after these confidences, Julien therefore opened the door of his farmhouse to Karine Le Marchand. The contestant told viewers he loves the clothes. By entering his huge wardrobe, the TV host was surprised by the number of cases and shoes that Julien had. “It looks big, but there’s not much to it. It’s categorized by color, I find it’s a lot easier to dress up. It’s not being a psycho, it’s just the organization”, he commented. On social networks, Internet users fell in love with the farmer. Because if Karine le Marchand found some flaws in itthe tweeters, are unanimous: Julien is the charming asset of this new season of Love is in the meadow. “Julien is just magnificent”, “He is very handsome and touching Julien”, “Julien has beautiful eyes”, “Julien, voted handsome of the season after 4 seconds”“I validate Julien”, they wrote in unison. Here is one that risks receiving a plethora of letters from potential suitors…

Love is in the meadow 2023: this farmer is unanimous among viewers (ZAPTV) – X Gossip