Luis Lorenzo, in ‘The Ana Rosa Program’: “We have not poisoned Isabel”

Five months since his name covered all the headlines due to the accusations against him and his wife, Arantxa Palomino, louis lorenzo has granted his first interview to Ana Rosa’s program. After being accused of participating in the alleged death of his wife’s aunt, Isabel Asunción, the actor insists on his innocence and tells all the details of what happened in this complicated story. «I am absolutely innocent, both me and my wife«, sentence.


Luis Lorenzo has been safe and calm when telling the facts in front of the cameras. The reason for his serenity, he says, is that he has a clear conscience: «No one has murdered Isabel. That is the tranquility. Beyond all that, I’m not going to show up in a reviled way, lying on the floor or getting into a bed because we haven’t done anything. It is true that it has been difficult every day because of the damage that has been done to our children.

“We are not psychopaths,” says Luis Lorenzo

“We are being investigated for the most serious charge that exists, which would carry a sentence of 20 to 25 years. Do you think someone is okay like this? No, he would be a psychopath and we are not psychopaths. We are aware of what is at stake, but we have a clear conscience », sentence in the program of Anna Quintana. “The latest information from toxicology says that there is clearly a huge possibility that it could be a natural death. And that is what we cling to. We eagerly await that final report and we are convinced that the result is natural death because simply we have not poisoned Isabel, Ana Rosa, I swear to you on my life“, he clarifies.

Luis Lorenzo Arantxa Palomino

Luis Lorenzo explains the suffering of his family: “We have two young children who are being singled out. They have suffered an unprecedented media rampage. I have had to change schools for one of my children because of what is happening. On the other hand, he points out: «I am not the winner of anything because who has lost is my family, at this moment we are marked and it is being a real barbarity ».

As for the health of Arancha Palomino’s aunt, she says that the woman had various health problems: «Elizabeth is coming homein the month of March, she was three months, she had already been diagnosed in August 2020 by a doctor of principle of cognitive dementia and medication had been prescribed. He had a parkinsonian tremor that was medicated, he took hypertension medications and the deafness is anecdotal». Likewise, he points out: “She was fine, she was an autonomous woman, she did not have mobility and head problems at that time, thank God, she was great… but she did have previous pathologies.” Insisting over and over again on her innocence, she told the entire audience: «There was not a single test of those heavy materials that showed up in the analytics at my house.

On the other hand, the actor sentence to the team investigation of the Tres Cantos command: «They have not done their job well… in that bread bin there was salt, bicarbonate of soda and sugar… he was speculating with the dust in that basket… There was a criminalistics report that confirmed that there was no cadmium in the house and that the minimum doses of manganese that appear in a bottle intended as shoe dye are for domestic use and cannot cause death… Since the year 206 batteries are not manufactured with cadmium».

How did Luis Lorenzo become known?

Luis Lorenzo Crespo was born in Madrid on July 24, 1960 and is an actor and television presenter. His career began with Raffaella Carrá in ‘Hello Rafaella!’, an entertainment program that aired on Spanish Television between 1992 and 1994. He has worked in well-known television series, such as ‘Family Doctor’ (1996), ‘Hospital Central ‘ (2000-2008), ‘The Commissioner’ (2003-2007), and ‘La que se avecina’, among others.

Luis Lorenzo, in ‘The Ana Rosa Program’: “We have not poisoned Isabel”