Luther (TF1)

Alice is a psychopath, an unexpected role for you…

Chloe Jouannet: That is true. I wanted to play something different from anything I had done before, and I had never played a psychopath before. I also wanted to collaborate with director David Morley. My father (the actor Thomas Jouannet, editor’s note) had worked with him on the series Contact, which I loved. David has a good command of the atmospheres of detective fiction taking place in the city.

How would you describe your character?

Alice has an inhuman side, as she is extremely intelligent and manipulative. She does not hesitate to hurt to get what she wants. She tends to consider everything as a game. At the same time, she learns to love someone for the first time, and does not know how to go about it, which creates a special bond with Luther.

Indeed, their relationship turns out to be unique…

Yes, because there is an ambiguity. In my opinion, it comes from Luther: while he remains attached to his ex-wife and has not settled all his problems with her, he is interested in Alice. For her part, Alice makes him understand that she does not want to live without him. Suddenly, she tries to please him, but she is terrified and becomes able to attack everyone, so that no one gets between them.

Was it complicated for you to embody it?

If, for the series UnfaithfulI did not want to be inspired by the original version, there, for Luther, I did it differently. First I worked a lot with the costume designers and the director, then I watched the English soap opera. Finally, as with any character, I then tried to invent it in my head.

When did you decide to become an actress?

With my parents (Chloé Jouannet is also the daughter of Alexandra Lamy), I have been immersed in this environment since I was born. So I took theater lessons and I followed the teachings of the conservatory in London. Nevertheless, as everyone is an actor in my family, I still wondered if I shouldn’t do something else, criminology, for example. Finally, I knew quite late that I wanted to become an actress, and it came quite naturally.

Did your interest in criminology help you understand certain facets of Alice?

Even if it means having nightmares about it, it’s true that, before turning in Luther, I had already watched all possible documentaries on psychopaths. So maybe that helped me. In any case, it’s very stimulating to play a character who doesn’t look like me at all.

Do you already have plans for this year?

Yes, I am preparing Jean-Jacques Annaud’s film on the fire at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. It should be released in 2022. I play a firefighter. It’s a very beautiful role, which pushes me to do completely crazy things, like running down stairs with equipment that weighs 30 kg, putting out fires…

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