Magaly Medina announced that María Pía Copello would be the new host of the program at noon

Magaly Medina said that the rumors assure that the influencer will lead a new television program.

According to what was stated by the controversial journalist in the last edition of the program “Magaly TV La Firme” issued on the first day of November, Maria Pia Copello she would be the new queen of thousands of Peruvian homes by leading a family program at noon.

According to the figure of ATV, the remembered children’s entertainer and today a successful influencer, would return to the small screen but in a new facet, and according to what she indicated, it would be for replace Tula Rodríguez and Maju Mantilla in the schedule that “En Boca de Todos” had.

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As recalled, the “Magpie” keep celebrating your 25 years of permanence on national television, For this reason, in recent days, he has been presenting a series of reports, reports and memory editions, where he celebrates the happiest and most unique moments that he lived during all this time in his career.

Likewise, he shared with his thousands of viewers a series of reports, interviews and investigations that he carried out on various figures of the show businessbut also, to certain political figures who at the time agreed to participate in his television space.

Magaly Medina continues to celebrate her television anniversary.

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However, it was at one of these moments, where apparently Magaly Medina, slipped out some information that she already knows, well let’s remember, that she has a very close friendship with María Pía Copello, even They have recorded several videos together for social networks and on various occasions they have been seen at a social event with their respective partners.

Within the special program broadcast on November 1, “Magaly TV La Firme”, broadcast a summary of the rap battle performed by Magaly Medina with the Copello sisters. María Pía and Ana Carina visited the set of “Urraca” where they had a pleasant interview.

But one of the most unique moments of this participation was when they held a rap battle where they revealed various topics that they liked or annoyed about the work they had done and were developing at that time.

On that occasion, the entertainment journalist took advantage of the sequence to throw all her artillery against the television host, but the ex-partner of “Timoteo” was not far behind and true to his style he responded sarcastically.

After presenting this memory report, the ATV figure indicated that rumors claim that the oldest of the Copello would be about to return to Peruvian television with its own program that would be broadcast at noon.

“According to the rumors that are loose in the square, she would now return to television with a daily program at noon, no less. Whose can I recommend”, indicated the controversial journalist with a laugh while announcing the following note.

María Pía Copello will teach TikTok classes.  (Photo: Instagram)
María Pía Copello will teach TikTok classes. (Photo: Instagram)

Subsequently, the “Magpie” announced that she will meet again with one of the characters who accompanied her for many years and who was even a figure in some advertising commercials. It was nothing more and nothing less than the doll of her that she was image of the remembered advertisement of the “Chismefono”

“What a thrill, my magpie that accompanied me for so many years in this program, until she decided to go to another one,” she said with a laugh as she invited her to the set and showed a series of images on the screen that recalled the most impressive moments of the renowned doll.

But what nobody expected is the revelation that Magaly Medina made about the famous figure of the “Urraca”. According to the driver of “Magaly Tv La Firme”This is the person who currently embodies the famous “guinea pig on television”.

“Now he is famous for being a guinea pig, He is the famous guinea pig on televisionI have stolen it for a while, total, I discovered it ”, he commented while celebrating the visit on the set of the funny character.


Magaly Medina announced that María Pía Copello would be the new host of the program at noon