Magaly Medina asks that Melissa Paredes go through a psychiatric exam: “All this tells me that she is a sociopath”

Magaly Medina requests that Melissa Paredes undergo a psychiatric examination | VIDEO: Magaly TV La Firme

Magaly Medina He began his program announcing that he heard the entire 9 minutes of the call that Melissa Paredes made to Rodrigo Cuba during the early morning and described the ex-model’s attitude as “vomiting”, for this reason He called on the authorities to go through a psychiatric examination, because his attitudes are that of a ‘sociopath’.

“This is not from now, this comes from before. The lies go one after the other, because you can’t go slipping on several television programs that “the Cuba family is terrified that my daughter will go through the Gessel camera” and go to another program to say that “my daughter is going to have to be analyzed by psychologists’ and when asked he says ‘no, when have I talked about Gesell cameras’, said ‘Urraca’ surprised.

“The woman is incoherent, she lets go, throws the stone and lets go of her hand. I say, what things does she have on her mind? This is psychiatric. Gentlemen family judges, the Ministry of Women should intervene and I would take the girl away from the mother “said Magaly Medina.

In addition, he asked the relevant authorities to carry out an examination on Melissa Paredes, not a psychological one, but a psychiatric one. “You must go through a psychiatric evaluation by specialized personnel. My knowledge tells me that she is a sociopath, I don’t mean psychopath, because a psychopath is not ready to be a mother. She is a sociopath because she has narcissistic traits.”

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Magaly Medina Magaly TV La Firme started her program this Thursday totally upset and indignant. What’s more, she didn’t even want to make her dance characteristic of the start of the program. She assured that she had heard the audio of the call that Melissa Paredes did to Rodrigo Cubathe same one that generated that the footballer denounces his ex-wife for extortion and blackmail. According to the host, the audio would corroborate the version of the “Cat” and would make the model look bad.

Magaly Medina attacks Melissa Paredes. (Photo: Composition)

Given this, the television host revealed that she had access to the information and was surprised by the actions of the exchica reality. In addition, he described Vomiting and disgusting the speech that the actress had with her ex-husband. When starting her program, La Urraca was quite upset and assured that, during her television space, she will begin to reveal more details of this audio that has triggered a new legal battle.

“He makes a series of threats. He tells her that he is at the door of a police station about to report him, for a serious matter. Melissa says on the audio that she’s in shock, but I’m the one who’s shocked and she wanted to throw up after hearing that audio. It is disgusting, disgusting and vomit what I have heard. About nine minutes of audio and I said to myself: “How can someone called a woman and a mother have the guts to do that to her daughter?” sentenced Medina Vela indignantly.


Magaly Medina asks that Melissa Paredes go through a psychiatric exam: “All this tells me that she is a sociopath”