Magaly Medina criticized Latina for canceling her program “La Purita Verdad”

Journalist told details of how the owner of ATV convinced her to return to television.

During the special anniversary programs that the host of “Magaly TV La Firme”the journalist recalled the most pleasant moments of her career on national television.

However, in the last edition of his space, he dedicated a few minutes to mention the most uncomfortable factswhich as revealed, went through during these 25 years of career and permanence on the small screen.

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Magaly Medina, he took several minutes to remember, the work season he had in Latina, which he does not consider one of the most outstanding in his professional life. As he stated atv figure, on said channel, they limited it to preserve its essence.

Magaly Medina dedicates a message to her former
Magaly Medina dedicates a message to her former “magpies”. (instagram)

As you remember, the host worked for a short time on the aforementioned channel, where she was in charge of the program “The Pure Truth”, which overnight, was taken off the air, leaving the well-known “Urraca” without television space.

“They blocked me when I tried to do showsIn Latin America, many people opposed me dealing with show business, for which they limited me and I even thought, never to dedicate myself to this business again,” he said during the edition of “Magaly TV La Firme,” broadcast on November 1. .

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But that’s not all, the journalist, true to her style and with her sarcastic tone, destroyed the channel for canceling his show, “La Purita Verdad”, without prior notice, which at some point made him think that he had already concluded a cycle of his professional life.

I didn’t think I would ever do this show again. when I retired several years ago. I said that a cycle of the show had ended for me on television. I did it on Saturday nights when I was in Latina and then I tried to do it in La Purita Verdad as well, ”remembered Magaly Medina, while she was doing a special for the 25 years of her television career.

Magaly Medina and her publication for her anniversary.  (instagram)
Magaly Medina and her publication for her anniversary. (instagram)

On the other hand, the “Magpie” He assured that in these more than two decades of experience on the small screen, he has gone through good experiences, but also some that he would not like to go through again. As he revealed he, this is the third season of Magaly TV via ATV, For this reason, she has enormous affection and respect for the owner and for those who have always trusted her.

What he could not ignore in this special edition of “Magaly Tv La Firme” is that in the San Felipe canal, where he worked for a short timethey absolutely prevented him from conducting interviews or notes on entertainment topics, which generated a strange sensation in him that made him doubt various factors in his life.

“Some who were already doing shows there objected to my putting show ingredients into the La Purita Verdad magazine. All these things I have never toldWhy, but there were people who blocked me when I tried to do shows there,” Magaly Medina explained a few hours ago to the surprise of thousands of her viewers.

But Magaly Medina did not want to close the night with not so pleasant memories and took advantage of the moment to thank the ATV owner for giving her a new opportunity and, above all, for convincing her to return to work in the field of shows with Magaly TV.

“When they lift the program for a nonsense in Latina, they lift it in a horrible way for so many small groups there they controlled the channel and that they didn’t want me in the news or in La Purita Verdad, that’s when the owner of ATV convinced me to take the program out of the trunk and here I am”, the controversial journalist confessed very emotionally.


Magaly Medina criticized Latina for canceling her program “La Purita Verdad”