María Pía Copello and Carlos Vílchez: everything that is known about their new program at noon

María Pía Copello and Carlos Vílchez will share the program.

Maria Pia Copello has been announced as the new host of ‘América Televisión’. The presenter of ‘This is war’ now it will have its own space at noon, after the withdrawal of ‘On everyone’s lips’. However, it has been the influencer herself who has begun to reveal some details of what will happen.

In the presale of the channel, The presenter was announced as the new signing of the year 2023, but who would be his partner in this program was kept in suspense. After Magaly Medina began with the news of Pía’s return to the América Televisión screen, rumors have been growing.

After the pre-sale of the channel, The host spoke with América Espectáculos and he told how he felt about this new television challenge. This is the first time that Copello will have a schedule at noon and from Monday to Friday, despite this she was very excited about the challenge.

“I feel happy, excited and with a mixture of feelings. I take it with great affection and humility, the fact that they think of me for this project at noon. Things are sometimes done with fear and fear, but you have to do them the same, it doesn’t matter, ”she pointed out.

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María Pía Copello returns to América TV with a program at noon. America Shows.

In addition, in an interview for the YouTube channel ‘La Linares’, she confessed that she feels very nervous about what might happen, since she is facing a completely different format. “I’m nervous because I’m going to have a more opinion format, which makes it more difficult as well. You can skate and you’re going to make a mistake and I hope that the public welcomes me and is patient with me”, he pointed out.

After announcing her return to television at noon, María Pía Copello confessed that she was very happy to share the experience with the comedian Carlos Vilchez. Although the presenter did not confirm if the comedian will arrive with his character from ‘The Charlotte’ or how he himself was excited that he was his partner.

“We get along super well, there is good chemistry when we have done something and there has always been a beautiful relationship. He makes me laugh, he is very funny and when they told me that he would be my companion I thought it was spectacular. I love humor and the idea is to bring that to homes ”, he pointed out to América Espectáculos.

In addition, he said that the comedian himself sent him a message through social networks after learning that they would be co-workers. In the audio that he sent her on Instagram, he told her that he was happy to be together. “When he found out, he sent me an audio on Instagram and told me: ‘Pia we’re going to get along super well, you’ll see that everything is going to be super good’. I was very, very happy and I am also very happy”, confessed María Pía in an interview with Verónica Linares.

Carlos Vílchez would be about to leave the ranks of ATV.
Carlos Vílchez would be about to leave the ranks of ATV.

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After the statements of Maria Pia Copello, reporters from Magaly Medina approached Carlos Vílchez to find out more details about this new program. However, they were surprised after the comedian refused to change the channel.

“Have I ever said that I am leaving ATV? No. Magaly has said it. As long as I don’t say it, I’m not leaving yet, I’m here, I belong to the channel. No.or I would have to step aside because they treat me well. If they treat me badly, I’ll step aside in one,” said the actor, who is currently part of the cast of JB on ATV.

Carlos Vílchez denies hosting a program with María Pía Copello | Magaly TV: The Firm

For her part, the influencer reaffirmed that she is sure that Vílchez will be her co-worker, but pointed out that she believes that she has those answers because she is waiting for the right moment to say it openly. “I don’t know what’s going on, he’ll have his reasons, but I know he’ll be with me, he’s taking his time, for some reason he still can’t say it,” she told the Expreso newspaper.

After the departure of ‘On everyone’s lips’, it is presumed that the new space of América Televisión would take the same schedule that went from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. However, until now it has been mentioned as a midday program, but not even María Pía herself could confirm the schedule. On the other hand, it is unknown what its release date will be. So far, it is only estimated that it could be for the summer.


María Pía Copello and Carlos Vílchez: everything that is known about their new program at noon