Marisa Brel, in depth: “It was difficult to separate after 30 years but I asked the Universe for a boyfriend and it sent me”

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He returned to television as an analyst for Big Brotherthe success of the nights of teleph who drives santiago del moroand personally he is also congratulatory: after his separation from Carlos Evaristo after 30 years together, marisa brel he was encouraged to bet on love again and is happily in a relationship with a businessman named Ernest Mendoncawith whom he began dating a little over half a year ago.

Marisa Brel in GH
Marisa Brel and her boyfriend Ernesto

-You look super in love.

-Dresses? I asked the Universe and the Universe sent it to me! I separated from Carlos Evaristo in May of last year after 30 years together and it was very difficult. But we always choose to be a family, we see each other every day and we are very cool. We tell each other everything and we are very good exes. We are family forever, we spend birthdays and holidays together and we have two wonderful children. He is my family and I don’t have a father, mother or siblings, so Carlos and a large part of his family are still mine.

-And when did the new love appear?

-I was alone for a year, I had a very bad time because the duel was difficult but one day I asked the Universe to bring me a man with all the characteristics that I gave him in detail. I wanted him to be good, healthy, companion, more or less my age, to like to travel, to love my children, to be hard-working, honest, cheerful, with a good sense of humor, to pamper me, to be romantic, sexy . All all all that I wanted! I wanted to meet a man I liked a lot because the novel Café con aroma de mujer burned my head. And after seeing that novel, I wanted a Sebastian (William Levy) in my life. When he showed up, I cheered up despite all my prejudices.

Marisa Brel and her boyfriend Ernesto
Marisa Brel and her boyfriend Ernesto

-What prejudices?

-I was prejudiced about downloading a dating application but I was encouraged and did it. I downloaded the Inner Circle app, which is for good, professional and good people, who are supposed to be planted in life. You always have to be careful but I was encouraged and lowered it. I went in, I went out, I put my Instagram photos on it and it scared me a little. But one day my niece Nati, daughter of Mercedes Martí, told me: “Aunt, people meet through apps today.” It seemed horrible to me and she convinced me. “That’s much safer than meeting someone in a bar and you don’t know if he’s a degenerate, a con man, a psychopath,” she explained to me. At least in the app you see if he has social networks, family, children, you know a little about his life. You can even talk before and decide if you want to meet in a public place. So I cheered up and it went well.

-Where did they meet for the first time?

-We started talking on the dating app and since he is from Tigre, near where I live in Benavídez, we agreed to meet at a restaurant in our area, right next to my neighborhood. I proposed to him there and I thought: “Anything I run out and I come home.” He came looking for me, got out of the car and seemed very handsome to me. I think he said something similar about me, we went to dinner, we talked a lot and two days later he went to Punta Cana with my children. I stayed there for 15 days, we talked during the trip and I loved it because we were very similar. Since I came back, we haven’t separated anymore and it’s been six and a half months.

marisa brel

-How are they?

-Very well. He is loving, he has a beautiful 13 year old daughter and he adores my children. We went on a five-day trip to Brazil together, which we had already arranged before Telefe called me to join the Big Brother debate, and we went to Rio de Janeiro. I spoke with the production and they told me to travel without problem and when I returned, I rejoined the program.


The complete interview with Marisa Brel is in the December digital edition of Pronto magazine and can be downloaded and read for free clicking on this link

Marisa Brel, in depth: “It was difficult to separate after 30 years but I asked the Universe for a boyfriend and it sent me”