Masterchef 2022 (France 2): the jury’s indiscretions and broadcast date

Masterchef is an amateur television show open to people who have never worked in the field of gastronomy, non-professionals. Initially broadcast by TF1, the competition allows the winner to win the sum of 100,000 euros, six months of training in a major cooking school, and the publication of the book of his own recipes by Solar editions. Seven long years after its last broadcast on NT1, Masterchef will return to French TV in a version reworked by France 2.

The new Masterchef 2022 team on France 2 / Nathalie Guyon

Masterchef 2022: what are the new features planned by France 2?

Masterchef, the cooking show for amateurs, is back on France 2 after many years. This new version will be broadcast on French television in the coming months. This is news that delights the followers of this culinary competition which had known 5 seasons (on TF1 then NT1) before dying out mainly for lack of audience.

Even if the mechanics of the contest will remain the same, do not expect a carbon copy of what was done in time. France 2 has surprises in store for you for this new version which promises to be even more elaborate and more interesting. New developments are therefore to be expected with regard to the development of the tests, the choice of candidates, but also the composition of a statutory jury. 8 Primetime Masterchef 2022 have been ordered. The broadcast is scheduled for next school year.
Nicolas Daniel, director of France Télévisions magazines explains to Le Parisien that Masterchef “is about social ties, proximity, quality products. »

In the previous program, several great names in gastronomy (chef, food critic) have succeeded in the jury. We can for example cite Frédéric Anton, Yves Camdeborde, Sébastien Demorand, Gilles Goujon and Amandine Chaignot.

Which pure Masterchef 2022 jury from France 2?

France 2 has decided to bring back 2 iconic chefs, namely Yves Camdeborde and Thierry Marx. The little news is Georgiana Viou.

Masterchef of France 2

Your comments on the new edition of Masterchef 2022: comeback on France 2

Georgiana was a finalist for the 1st season of Masterchef in 2010. She opened her restaurant in 2014 in Marseille “Chez Georgiana” and took over the restaurant bar Rouge in Nîmes.
As a reminder, Yves Camdeborde is the king of bistronomy while Thierry Marx holds 2 Michelin stars.

A new presenter for the famous cooking contest

We well remember Carole Rousseau, the host who crisscrossed France with a jury to identify the new star of the kitchen with Masterchef. This time, a change will be made, because it will be a new animator who will take care of it. First of all, Faustine Bollaert and Julia Vignali were approached just like Cyril Féraud to animate the next season of Masterchef. The two hosts and the host of France 3 in charge of several TV programs have undoubtedly declined the offer due to their busy schedules.

It is therefore Agathe Lecaronpresenter of Kindergartens on France 5, who will be the new presenter of the famous cooking contest. She will succeed Sandrine Quétier who was the last presenter of Masterchef in 2015.
Remember that Agathe Lecaron is not really a novice in the field of cooking shows. She had already ensured the presentation of season 2 of Top chef (M6 culinary competition) alongside Stéphane Rotenberg.

The cast for France 2’s Masterchef 2022

If you want to apply to become the new candidate of Masterchef 2022 it is possible, the cast is launched. To participate in the new Masterchef of France 2, send you an email on mentioning your contact details. Filming starts at the end of April-beginning of May 2022.

The beginnings of Masterchef in France on TF1 then NT1

Masterchef is a French TV show aimed at non-professionals. This cooking competition presented by Carole Rousseau (first 3 seasons) is inspired by the successful format broadcast in the UK on the BBC.
The first 4 seasons of the TV show were broadcast on TF1 between 2010 and 2015. While the fourth season of Masterchef takes place without a host, the 5th was hosted by Sandrine Quétier on NT1. In reality, catastrophic hearings made during the first two episodes prompted TF1 to cancel the program to replace it with the Profiling series. It was then that NT1, belonging to the TF1 group, took over the culinary program to broadcast the rest of the episodes. This will be the last season of Masterchef until the announcement of the return of this contest is made recently. If you want to become a future great chef, now is the time to participate.

Masterchef 2022 (France 2): the jury’s indiscretions and broadcast date