Memo Remigi case, Iva Zanicchi and the unequal treatment of Rai

The singer was fired from Rai, while Iva Zanicchi was able to apologize to the microphones of many programs.

The last few weeks have certainly been complicated for state TV. There Raiin fact, he had to manage two important controversies: the first with the protagonist Iva Zanicchiwhile the second concerns Memo Remigi. Both are guilty of two condemnable gestures that deserve action. Too bad, however, that the company has chosen to approach the issues in a different way.

What L’Aquila di Ligonchio had said

The first fuse, in Raistarted on Saturday 8 October, when the debut episode of dancing with the Stars. Among the contestants of the show there is Iva Zanicchi, singer and television personality among the most loved by the public and whose presence, not surprisingly, has received the celebrations of Milly Carlucci several times. L’Aquila di Ligonchio, as foreseen by the format, performed its own performance which, however, was not liked by Wild Lucarelli.

The journalist judged Zanicchi’s dance with a zero. The amateur dancer, in response, has twice appealed to Lucarelli with a serious sexist epithet. And it doesn’t matter if she said these words while talking to the dancer Samuel Peron, convinced that no one else would hear her. Zanicchi, at least initially, seemed to be (rightly) disqualified from the show. In the end, though, she got away with it simply apologizing.

Rai Memo Remigi, the singer’s gesture was punished with dismissal

Different fate than the Rai he chose for Memo Remigi. The singer, until last week, was in the permanent cast of Today is another day, the flagship network show hosted by Serena Bortone. Right here he was guilty of having felt the backside of his colleague Jessica Morlacchi, columnist of the show since the last edition. After five days of silence and a service of Strip the Newsthe Raifor this gesture, he chose to terminate the contract of Memo Remigi. With this decision, which came a few days after the completely different decision taken for Zanicchi, the state TV showed a disparity of treatment that leaves us perplexed.

As already mentioned, the insults of Iva Zanicchi have sparked the general indignation of all. Too bad this only lasted a handful of hours. After giving her the opportunity to apologize, not only has everything returned but, indeed, the broadcaster itself seemed almost to want to exploit the echo of the controversy.

In fact, Zanicchi was able to express his point of view on several occasions, participating in numerous important broadcasts of the Rathe. Between these With us free-wheeling, Live Life And Sunday In, where, moreover, she was the protagonist of an interview-tribute to her career. Moreover, the same Carolyn Smith to dancing with the Stars of 15 October she almost seemed to want to find a justification for Iva’s words: “We are on Rai 1 and certain things cannot be heard … But being Emilian, I am the wife of a Venetian who, every two words, uses an expression so-so … It is not an excuse, but we are used to hearing it “.

Rai Memo Remigi Selvaggia Lucarelli

Rai Memo Remigi, what would have happened if there had been a man instead of Zanicchi?

There Raiinstead, he chose to ban completely Memo Remigi, without giving him the opportunity to apologize (which happened to the colleague). An unequal treatment that makes us think and that, perhaps, could be the result of the different weight of the protagonists in the dynamics of their shows. The presence of Zanicchi in Ballando is a magnet for listening. Attenuating that may not apply to Remigi who, therefore, was considered expendable. But, again: if the insults pronounced by Iva had told him a man, are we sure that he would still have the opportunity to get on the track?

Questions to which it is impossible to answer, but the doubt is more than legitimate. The same Wild Lucarelli, on the other hand, he showed perplexity. The journalist, in a story on Instagram, wrote: “Memo Remigi touches a colleague’s butt and is suspended from the TV. Iva Zanicchi appeals to me in a vulgar way but, after apologies in favor of the camera and hosted in every place, everything is closed in a few hours“. How to blame her?

Memo Remigi case, Iva Zanicchi and the unequal treatment of Rai