Michelle Soifer responds to criticism from her ex

Michelle Soifer responds to criticism from her ex-partners. América TV / ‘You are in all of them’.

Michelle Soifer not only has he stood out for being part of ‘This is war’, she also has a musical career and in recent weeks she has been promoting her song ‘Modo perreo’. For this reason, the ex-chica reality has been visiting different television programs to publicize her new theme.

During his time at the magazine ‘Love and Fire’driver rodrigo gonzalez revealed that the ex-model had conversations with the footballer Jefferson Farfan, something that drew a lot of attention. It was at that moment that his ex-partner Giuseppe Benignini contacted ‘Teddy’ and revealed that ‘Michi’ he asked the footballer for money.

Also, as if that were not enough, according to the ‘Little Prince’, Michelle Soifer He said that Josimar sent very affectionate messages to his then girlfriend, insinuating that something had happened between the singers, although he could never confirm it, much less prove it.

That same day, but in another program, kevin blow appeared to give unknown details of the relationship he had with the singer, noting that they were both lovers during the time she was Erick Sabater’s partner, confirming one of the biggest rumors in the artist’s life.

On the other hand, the Dominican accepted that his relationship with Michelle Soifer It was not healthy at all, because on several occasions they came to hit each other and both committed infidelity, so given the moment they decided to separate and never return.

After the revelations of his ex-partners, Michelle Soifer decided to speak on the show ‘You are in all’, the place he came to talk about his new song and the plans he has for the future; however, before he wanted to clarify some points to Kevin and Giuseppe.

“More than anything to the public, I have nothing to say to those people. Only to the public… Nothing they say or do is going to overshadow anything we are doing. Every time I have a release, someone always shows up to talk or try to stain the work a little… If they want to talk, let them do it, I don’t care much. Besides, they bore, the same thing again, ”he pointed out.

Giuseppe Benignini reveals details of his relationship with Michelle Soifer. (instagram)

During the interview he had with ‘Choca’, Michelle Soifer revealed that he had intentions of going to live in Colombia, a country that in recent years has become a benchmark for urban music.

She pointed out that she plans to settle in Medellín, this with the aim of achieving a greater reach of her music, in addition that in that country she would have the opportunity to meet great producers and also prepare the video clips of the songs that she is going to release soon.


Michelle Soifer responds to criticism from her ex-partners: “They are boring”