Milla Jasmine harassed? She goes to clash with her husband’s ex

Saturday July 23, 2022, Nélia, Lorenzo’s ex-wife attacked Milla Jasmine. Angry, the Marseillais star, on W9, violently tackled him in his story, on Snapchat.

Between Milla Jasmine and her husband’s ex-wife, Lorenzo, it’s war! Passing through Paris, the reality TV candidate said she was happy that her husband could spend time with his children. “I wish I could be with him, and even be on vacation with them!“, she wrote on Snapchat. Words that made people react NeliaLorenzo’s ex-wife, who said: “You will never come near my children (…) You are slammed on the ground… Liar, manipulative (…) A drunk wants to see my children. And so, if she drinks and argues, what is she going to do? To throw them ? If today, she has no children, it is because God is great. She is irresponsible! She’s just a little capricious… Very haughty! She gets assumed and gave her ass on TV!

Angry, Nélia slipped: “She has no friends, just people who stay with her for her image… Cut off from people in Dubai… No one calls her except 2/3 repressed reality TV friends!” In the process, Milla Jasmine also spoke. On Snapchat, she wrote: “Regarding my husband’s psychopathic ex-wife who has been harassing me for a year now, who allows herself to insult me ​​all the time to scratch subscribers, I will grant her the light she covets so much! It appears everywhere on the networks and seeks to make investments. She also opened a salon thanks to my husband and me, she plays the victim to better manipulate you.“The candidate of Marseilleson W9, said: “Open your eyes… She used her story of deception to try to be known. She uses her children to make you feel sorry when they live better than 80% of other children!

Milla Jasmine: “You are the past, I am the present”

Assuring that she particularly felt sorry for the children of Nélia, to whom she would tell “horrors“so that he hates her and her husband, Milla Jasmine confided:”You use your children to make people feel sorry for you when they have a father who loves them and takes care of them. One day they will grow up and they will read everything.In conclusion, the influencer added: “Stop believing that we steal people’s husbands. A man, if he is not happy in his home, he leaves (…) She manipulates you to make you believe that she is doing it alone and that me and my husband are the bad guys (…) You and I are not rivals. I will never try to look like what he left cousin! I understand better why he fled. You are the past, I am the present.

Milla Jasmine harassed? She goes to clash with her husband’s ex-wife