More beautiful life: this pirouette to make Laëtitia Milot (Mélanie) appear in tonight’s episode

As the end of the series is fast approaching, France 3 will broadcast a new episode of Plus belle la vie this Wednesday, October 5. And the fans of the soap opera are likely to have a smile on the famous because a former emblematic character will make its appearance: the waitress Mélanie, interpreted by Laëtitia Milot.

The guests follow one another before the final farewell. Next November 18 will mark the final end of More beautiful life, because France 3 will broadcast the final episode of the famous soap opera. But before that fateful day, several iconic characters from the series have made their return. This is for example the case of Livia (Philippe Granarolo), the very first psychopath of More beautiful life, Pavel (Laurent Hennequin), the villainous kingpin who raged at the Mistral, Stan Mercier (Cyril Durel), another psychopath, Lorraine Fournier (Laurence Cormerais), who wanted Rachel’s inheritance (Colette Renard), or even Djawad ( David Baiot) and Agathe (Valérie Baurens). Other characters will also make an appearance in ghost form : Samia (Fabienne Carat), Jérôme Belesta (Laurent Orry), curator Anne Olivieri (Marie Daguerre), as well as Jocelun Sandré (Jean-Marie Galey).

But another famous actress must also pass a head in the series: Laetitia Milot. Indeed, the interpreter of Mélanie, the waitress of the Mistral bar, will appear in the episode of this Wednesday, October 5, already available on the Salto platform. But to bring her back into the series, the Plus belle la vie teams have put in place a little ploy. Indeed, while François (Thierry Ragueneau) and Thomas (Laurent Keruzoré) look for instructions left by Roland (Michael Cordes) – who just passed away – they will search his wallet and come across several photos including one of Mélanie.

Laëtitia Milot: “I would always be ready to play Mélanie”

An appearance that will perhaps disappoint some fans, especially since Laëtitia Milot had expressed her desire to return to the France 3 soap opera: “It’s been five years since I said my loyalty to the series, that I would always be ready to play Mélanie… and that they don’t call me. The decision to bring my character back or not is up to the production.”.

The producer of the series, Claire de la Rochefoucauld, had also been questioned on this subject by our colleagues from Allociné. “I’ve only been here two months, I’m not aware of that”she had first specified, before adding: “I can simply tell you that the production of Plus belle la vie is not angry with Laëtitia. But it’s complicated for the authors: they have to release one episode a day so they have to have ideas”. And to conclude:We really like Laëtitia and she has contributed enormously to the success of the series. We have no will not to bring her. But to bring back an actor just to bring him back, it has no interest and it would not be doing him a gift. If she comes back, she has to have things to defend otherwise it’s not interesting”.

More beautiful life: this pirouette to make Laëtitia Milot (Mélanie) appear in tonight’s episode