National preview of “Bullet train” with Brad Pitt at the Sturla arena

Genoa is among the five Italian cities where you will be able to see in David Leitch’s “Bullet train” preview with Brad Pitt in the demented comic role of a killer recovering from a nervous breakdown. The opportunity presents itself Wednesday 17 August to the “Circuit on the sea” of Sturla. The film, produced by Sony Pictures and distributed by Warner Bros Italia, will be released on August 25th only in cinemas. Forbidden to children under 14.

We are in the pop world of Kotaro Isaka, author of the thriller “The Seven Killers of the Shinkansen”, the cocktail of laughter and adrenaline from which the film is based. Shinkansen is the name of the bullet train launched at three hundred per hour in the Japanese countryside where everything happens. One of the carriages is hidden in one of the carriages suitcase full of money. On board are seven assassins ready for action. Among these the killer portrayed by Brad Pitt. Battle name: Ladybug, ladybug. Despite the reputation of his fetish animal, he is plagued with bad luck. He feels persecuted. He goes into analysis. In the mission on the train, he seeks proof of the breakthrough. But he doesn’t know that he will have to contend with six other opponents made even worse than him. Every psychopath has his own motives. Why they are all on the same train, and even armed, is not known. But it is certain that with every meter of that journey from Tokyo to Kyoto, everyone’s destiny seems ready to divert to an unpredictable elsewhere. Director David Leitch served as Brad Pitt’s stunt double in “Fight Club” and other films. They are friends and it seems they had a lot of fun.

“Circuito sul mare” is presented by Circuito, produced by Alesbet and Centro Culturale Carignano, with the support of Europa Cinema and FICE – Italian Federation of Essai Cinema. Main sponsors are Banca Carige, which promotes Ligurian culture and businesses, in a challenge that combines tradition and innovation, and the Cappellino-Almo Nature Foundation which, through the partnership with Circuito Cinema and Circuito Cinema Scuole, attentive to civic and environmental education, they want to contribute to spreading the importance of the individual’s daily choices in relation to the protection of habitats and to make it known that an economic model with a positive impact on biodiversity is possible (and in the Capellino Foundation – Almo Nature already exists). Sponsor Unipol Sai Assicurazioni. AMIU environmental partner. Technical sponsors DATACAST, City Green Light and Easy Scooter.


Deckchair ticket: € 8 (deckchair); € 7 (steps)

Valid for the TOP Circuit season tickets (not Under 29)

Tickets can be purchased

  • at the ticket office in the Giardini in via del Tritone from half an hour before the start of the show
  • at the Genoa Circuit halls
  • at the ticket totem in the Cortile Minore of Palazzo Ducale
  • online on the website

The program may undergo variations independent of the will of the organizers.

The ticket is non-refundable.

In case of adverse weather the screening will be canceled and a voucher will be paid which can be used within 30 days. in all arenas and halls of the Circuit.

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National preview of “Bullet train” with Brad Pitt at the Sturla arena – La Prima Pagina