Netflix: 12 films banned for those under 18

news culture Netflix: 12 films banned for those under 18

Our new journey to the heart of the Netflix catalog today focuses on must-see films on the SVOD service, provided you are of legal age. If you are over 18, here we go!


  • 8MM: Eight Millimeter
  • 30 Days of Night
  • american girl
  • Blonde hair
  • Boulevard of Death
  • Carter
  • Halloween
  • Headshot
  • The Last House on the Left
  • Medieval
  • The Night Comes For Us
  • Extreme

8MM: Eight Millimeter

8MM: Eight Millimeter released in 1999 takes us to the heart of a disturbing investigation. We find Nicolas Cage in the role of Tom Welles, a young private detective who until then leads a very ordinary life as a father. In search of success on the professional level, this man gradually falls into the darkest vices of the human being. It is this transformation that we will follow throughout the film via an investigation into a mysterious film. 8MM is the story of a descent into hell, that of a man who burns his wings while wanting to do good.

30 Days of Night

In a small town in Alaska, for an entire month the sun does not rise. The inhabitants, accustomed to the fact, leave the village or barricade themselves while waiting for the first solar rays. Here, nobody is afraid of the dark or has any phobia of the polar nights, no! What villagers teach you to dread are vampires! Indeed, the protagonists of this film will do everything to survive during this terrible siege. Directed by David Slade, a director who worked on the Hannibal and American Gods series, 30 Days of Night was released in 2007 and has managed to create a solid fanbase. This saga had a sequel that did not receive the same reception.

american girl

american girl is an adaptation of Jessica Knoll’s novel The Luckiest Girl Alive. She reveals a drama experienced in her adolescence, a period during which she suffered a gang rape perpetrated by three of her classmates. Expect to find these attacks on screen, just as the book tells them. The film follows the young Ani, New Yorker and fulfilled editor, who finds herself again confronted with her trauma. A director then contacts the young woman so that she can testify about the incident she experienced on the premises of the prestigious Lycée Bradley School. A sad return ba allow the victim to speak and lift the veil on the hell she suffered.

Blonde hair

In this biopic, Ana de Armas plays the role of Marilyn Monroe. This audacious rereading titled “Blonde hair“reveals to us the personal story of this timeless icon who lived in the 1950s. We then discover the ups and downs of his life. Beware, a violent and moving scene punctuates this film which does not spare its heroine. visually, whether in color or black and white, the aesthetics of the film are neat from start to finish. We witness the harsh reality of being a woman at that time through the tragic fate of Norma Jaene condemned to be and remain Marilyn in the eyes of all, at all costs.

Boulevard of Death

In this film of Tarantino, we leave direction the Boulevard of Death to meet Stuntman Mike, a psychopathic stuntman with dark hobbies. Responsible for the death of several women whom he wishes to drive home, the term “the place of the dead” then strangely and literally takes on its full meaning. Notice to moviegoers and fans of the director, this is clearly not the most ambitious project of the great Tarantino. This film is a tribute to the stuntmen of Hollywood films, as evidenced by the presence of Zoe Bell who doubled Uma Thurman in Kill Bill.

Netflix: 12 films banned for those under 18


This South Korean action film by Jung-Byung-Gil tells the story of Carter, a man who wakes up with amnesia. He then finds himself hunted down by the CIA, without knowing why and how, and sees himself obliged to carry out a very special mission at the risk of his life. He would later discover information about his true identity and the reasons behind his amnesia. We salute in this film the performance of Joon Won who performs his stunts himself! Carter is an atypical film that sees things big with a few mind-blowing scenes and a desired complex plot.


Directed by Rob Zombie and screened in 2007, Halloween completely revisits the myth of Carpenter. A long-awaited remake of one of the greatest “slashers” in history, the critical reception of this film was relatively mixed when it was released. Indeed, the director of The House of 1000 dead and The Devil’s Reject wants to give his own vision of the license. Worn out by sequels of questionable interest, he wants to add a human side to the character of Michael Myers. Here, the bloodthirsty Goliath has an origin, a history and a development. Worse, for the purists of the original film, the antagonist is no longer simply the embodiment of cold and absurd violence, he is fallible and far from being so invincible as that. If you love the original character, you’ve been warned!

Netflix: 12 films banned for those under 18


Headshot is an Indonesian action film directed by a duo known as the “Mo Brothers”. Contrary to what one might think, the latter are absolutely not brothers. Indeed, Timo Tjahjanto and Kimo Stamboel are two film enthusiasts who met in Australia during their studies. As for their film, there is an amnesiac man who fights against a criminal group. He seeks to protect the doctor who saved his life. Premiered on September 9, 2016 at the Toronto International Film Festival, this feature film received critical acclaim. Here, it’s not the script, which is quite secondary, that received praise, but rather the supercharged and violent action scenes. In 2016, the film won the Grand Prix of the Strange Festival, rewarding international genre films.

The Last House on the Left

Lasting 1h49, The Last House on the Left released in 2009 evokes a story of revenge. Specifically, that of the Collingwood family whose daughter was raped and tortured by a group of people. Left for dead, she manages to flee and alerts her parents to the identity of her captors. In reality, they are strangers lodged and welcomed generously in the family home. Thereafter, all shots will be allowed. Directed by Dennis Iliadis, this is the remake of Wes Craven’s film released in 1972. A little anecdote, the iconic director of horror films is one of the producers of this remake.

Netflix: 12 films banned for those under 18


Released November 8, 2022 on Netflix, Medieval is one of the latest original productions from the streaming platform. This feature film is a Czech production, shot with dialogues in English. For 2 hours, the film tells us about the adventures of Jan Zizka de Trocnov, a Czech warlord who lived in the 14th century. The latter is a historical figure who fought and defeated the armies of the Teutonic Order and the Holy Roman Empire. Bloody battles and violent atrocities are a must in this medieval war film. With a budget of 20.3 million dollars, this production has the largest budget in the history of Czech cinema.

Netflix: 12 films banned for those under 18

The Night Comes For Us

The Night Comes for Us is an Indonesian action-thriller film written and directed by Timo Tjahjanto. Released in 2018, the film had a tortuous path before being screened in certain dark rooms and then being added to the Netflix catalog in the West. Indeed, it was initially designed without really knowing in what medium it would appear. Thus, the scenario is first adapted into a graphic novel before becoming a film. Rumors, initiated by the director, even suggested an adaptation in the form of comics. As for the story, we follow the adventures of a henchman who decides to turn his back on his former life as a killer to save a young girl. However, not everything goes as planned and people are trying to take him away from this goal. As you will have understood, The Night Comes for Us is not about pacifism, but about assumed violence.


Extreme is a 2021 Spanish action film directed by Daniel Benmayor. In the script, we find Teo García, Iván Ledesma and Genaro Rodríguez. In this uninhibited action film, the viewer is a witness to the life of Max, a man ready to carry out his revenge. Indeed, the plot takes place two years after his brother Lucero betrayed their family by killing his father and his nephew and left the protagonist in a bad state. Almost dead, only a bloody desire for justice keeps him alive. With nothing left to lose, he embarks on a bloody battle vindicated by his brother’s past and recent crimes.

Netflix: 12 films banned for those under 18