Netflix: films and series not to be missed in July!

Netflix will again surprise cinema lovers with the releases planned for this month of July. It is true that films and season sequels in particular constantly titillate the minds of some. However, here are the best expectations on Netflix for July.

The release of “Emma” on July 1

From July 1, Netflix spoils you with the release of the film Emma. The script resurrects Emma Woodhouse, a 19th century British heroine. In this dramatic comedy, the author Jane Austen surprises in particular by the character of Emma, ​​a woman overflowing with confidence and pride. Wishing to help those around her find love, she will very quickly realize that interfering in people’s private lives does not often bring good attention.

“The night will be long” on screens from July 8

For fans of series like Élite, La casa de Papel and Les Demoiselles du telephone, Netflix will delight you with the release of “La nuit sera longue” on July 8. In this first season of 6 episodes, you will be engulfed in a world of suspense and crime. This Spanish production takes place in a psychiatric prison. A whole brigade armed to the teeth tries to stop an experienced and dangerous serial killer. Faced with all eventualities, the prison director is against handing him over.

“Dangerous Liaisons” on Netflix from July 8

“Dangerous liaisons” is also among the expectations of subscribers for this month of July. Adapted from the novel by Pierre Choderlos, Célène played by Paola Locatelli is a woman who believes in absolute love. She challenges her relationship by leaving her husband in Paris to spend some time in Biarritz. Passionate about books and having little interest in social networks, Célène will quickly come into confrontation with students who are stars on Instagram. It is Vanessa and Tristan who will bet on the fact that she will fall in love with Tristan, a famous surfer who is as much a womanizer as he is attractive. How will Célène get out of this mess? You will find the answers to this question on July 8.

“Persuasion” on screens from July 15

The second half of July, Netflix begins to nail subscribers to screens with the release of “Persuasion.” Another production inspired by Jane Austen’s book, Anne Elliot played by Dakota Johnson will immerse us in a whirlwind life. Being unconventional and modern, she will have to support and come to the aid of her lineage which is tending towards bankruptcy and disappearance. Anne Elliot will have to deal with a buried past that part of her wants to relive when she sees her lover from eight years ago.

“The Gray Man”, highly anticipated for July 22

If there is one title whose release has been talked about for a long time, it is “The Gray Man”. The main reason for this is that the budget that has been allocated for its realization is around 200 million dollars. Moreover, as for its producers, they are Anthony and Joe Russo. Those who produced Avengers and Avatar. Regarding “The Gray Man” played by Ryan Gosling, he is a character most recommended to the CIA, embodied in the novels of Mark Greaney. When he accidentally stumbles upon top-secret information from the organization, a psychopathic killer has the CIA hot on his trail. Thereafter, other assassins from the four corners of the earth will try to catch and kill The Gray Man.

Netflix: films and series not to be missed in July!