Netflix: Joe’s next victim in You season 4 already confirmed?

This is the question that bothers internet users… Is Joe’s next victim in season 4 of You on Netflix confirmed?

What is the future of season 4 of the You series broadcast on Netflix? Who will be Joe’s next victim? MCE TV reveals all the answers in this article!

You are coming back very soon

Good news for fans of Joe Goldberg the psychopath! The Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble series is coming back to Netflix very soon. A fourth adventure is therefore on the way.

And one thing is certain, it promises to be amazing! The Netflix production is so filming in London. But then several questions arise.

What will become of Joe Goldberg since he ran away from his neighborhood Madre Linda. Will he come back to find the one he loves with all his heart aka Marienne Bellamy? The actor therefore confided to the microphone of Collider:

“(…) We could focus more on the relationship Joe has with himself. Because it’s not really a series about a serial killer, but a show that explores how a relationship can lead us to make the worst mistakes in our lives. It is difficult to lay down our arms and stop being competitive in our relations”.

There is no doubt, season 4 of You on Netflix will be a sensation on the small screen. Incidentally, the main star of You shared tons of videos in the British capital throughout production.

In one of the snaps, Joe was spotted throwing away a plastic bag. So has he found a new way to get rid of one of his victims?

This is most likely as he was seen dumping bagged body parts into an unknown sea or river. The former bookseller was last seen planning a move to PAris after killing his wife Love (Victoria Pedretti) and faked her own death.

Netflix: a new victim

In season 4, Joe will spend his time looking for his next victims in the UK’s largest city. He told Entertainment Weekly:

“The problem is inside him, it’s not so much outside of him, so he’s trying to change. He always tries, fails, tries. Season 4 might be more about Joe’s relationship with himself. »

“Because it’s not really a show about a murderer, it’s a show about… I think you have to take the mistakes we make in relationships to the extreme for a good story. »

“We use a different format. It’s almost like we’re shifting the genre a little bit. And I think it works. ”

And that’s not all ! Be aware that a recent behind-the-scenes snap may have confirmed Joe’s next victim. This is none other than the famous star of Ghosts, Charlotte Ritchie.

She then embodies the role of the director of the art gallery Kate. Yes remember! She is the one whose boyfriend brings Joe into their lives.

Good news, she will join Tilly Keeper and Amy Leigh Hickman from EastEnders. But also Ed Speleers of Outlander to complete the main cast of the next season.

Netflix: Joe’s next victim in You season 4 already confirmed?