Netflix: the 12 most anticipated films on the platform in 2023

Notice to Netflix subscribers: new films will punctuate your evenings in 2023! Between action blockbusters, intimate dramas, romantic comedies and animated films, discover the program of feature films to come to the platform this year.

Jung_E – January 20


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In 2194, a civil war breaks out among the survivors of a disaster on Earth. A war hero, Major Jung-e (Kim Hyun-joo) falls into a coma after a serious injury and her family is forced to donate her brain data to a lab. The Next Generation Lab then decides to use them to create an artificial intelligence to conduct war simulations.

You People – January 27


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A carpool mistake leads Ezra Cohen (Jonah Hill) and Amira Mohammed (Lauren London) to meet. The two young people find themselves around a common passion for streetwear and music. As they fall in love, their relationship is tested by their respective families: Ezra’s progressive parents (Julia Louis-Dreyfus and David Duchovny) and Amira’s strict but concerned parents (Eddie Murphy and Nia Long ) who ruthlessly interfere in their life as a couple.

True Spirit – February 3


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When young sailor Jessica Watson (Teagan Croft) sets out to be the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe solo, nonstop, and unassisted, many expect failure. With the support of her trainer and mentor Ben Bryant (Cliff Curtis) as well as her parents (Josh Lawson and Academy Award winner Anna Paquin), Jessica is determined to accomplish what was thought impossible, sailing the some of the toughest stretches of ocean in the world for 210 days.

Your Place or Mine – February 10


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Debbie and Peter are best friends yet have totally opposite personalities. She prefers routine with her son in Los Angeles, while he thrives on taking on new challenges every day in New York. When they switch homes and lives for a week, the characters played by Reese Whiterspoon and Ashton Kutcher discover that what they think they want may not be what they really need.

Luther: Fallen Sun – March 10


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In this epic sequel to the multi-award winning TV series, reimagined for the cinema – a gruesome serial killer terrorizes London while the brilliant but disgraced detective John Luther (Idris Elba) remains behind bars. Haunted by not having succeeded in capturing the cyber psychopath who constantly taunts him, Luther decides to escape from prison to finish his mission by all means.

The Magician’s Elephant – March 17


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When Peter (Noah Jupe), searching for his long-lost sister Adele (Pixie Davies), crosses paths with a fortune teller in the marketplace, he has only one question on his mind: her is sister still alive? The answer, that he must find a mysterious elephant as well as a magician (Benedict Wong) who will summon him, sets Peter on a harrowing journey to complete three seemingly impossible tasks that will forever change the face of his town and the world. will take you on the adventure of a lifetime.

Murder Mystery 2 – March, 31st


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Having become full-time detectives and struggling to get their private detective agency off the ground, Nick (Adam Sandler) and Audrey Spitz (Jennifer Aniston) find themselves at the center of an international kidnapping when their friend the Maharaja finds himself kidnapped at his own wedding.

Tyler Rake 2 – June 16


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Chris Hemsworth reprises the role of Tyler Rake in Sam Hargrave’s second installment, the sequel to Netflix’s hit action flick. After narrowly surviving the events of the first film, Rake returns as the Australian mercenary tasked with another deadly mission: to rescue the battered family of a ruthless Georgian gangster from the prison where she is being held.

Damsel – October 13


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A devoted damsel (Millie Bobby Brown) agrees to marry a handsome prince, but discovers that the royal family has recruited her as a sacrifice to pay off an old debt. Thrown into a cave with a fire-breathing dragon, she must rely on her wits and willpower to survive.

Bread Hustlers – October 27


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After losing her job, a factory worker struggling to raise her daughter accepts a job at a struggling pharmaceutical company, only to find herself embroiled in a dangerous illegal operation. A film starring Emily Blunt, Chris EvansAndy Garcia or even Catherine O’Hara.

A Family Affair – November 17


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Nicole KidmanZac Efron and Joey King venture into a surprising romantic comedy where a young woman, her mother and her boss, a movie star, must deal with the complications of love, gender and identity.

Leave The World Behind – December 8


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A family has their vacation on Long Island interrupted by two strangers announcing a mysterious power outage. As the threat grows ever more imminent, the two groups must decide how best to survive this potential crisis, while questioning their own place in this collapsing world. A thriller by Sam Esmail with Julia RobertsMahershala Ali, Ethan Hawke, Myha’la, Farrah Mackenzie, Charlie Evans and Kevin Bacon.

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Netflix: the 12 most anticipated films on the platform in 2023