Netflix: the brand new film “The Gray Man” divides internet users!

Has The Gray Man managed to convince Netflix audiences? This one received mixed reviews. So, good or bad movie?

How are Netflix audiences reacting to The Gray Man? Since its arrival on the platform, the film has divided opinions. Some love it, while others find it very average! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

The Gray Man: card or flop?

Landed this Friday, July 22 on Netflix, The Gray Man is one of the most anticipated productions of the summer. This feature film with Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling had everything to promise heavy!

This action film with a colossal budget brings together a 5 star cast. It is also in line with Netflix’s successful blockbusters.

The Russo brothers’ film has indeed seen big. Stunts, international filming… The project didn’t refuse anything. It’s about most expensive movie in Netflix history. But does it fulfill all its promises to viewers.

Because after all, the success or not of The Gray Man is up to them! On Twitter, Internet users were numerous after watching the feature film to give their opinions. And these are rather shared.

Indeed, if some have loved it, others, on the other hand, are more mixed. The Gray Man, it’s a giga yes“, “Chris Evans as a psychopath and finished junk in The Gray Man, it’s only happiness”, can we read on the side of the positive reviews.

“Two hours of non-stop action. No moment of respite. I just loved it“, “It’s been a long time since Netflix made a good movie, it’s great”adds these fans of the film.

But not everyone is of this opinion. For others, the movie starring Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling doesn’t tick all the boxes. “It’s great to have a cast with so much talent. Such a budget ($200 million) for such a mediocre resulte “thus criticizes someone.

Will the Netflix movie get a sequel?

Others go even harder. The Gray Man is poorly mounted, badly choreographed, badly framed, the Russo brothers prove once again that they are crooks »believes this other tweet!

According to some, the Netflix blockbuster lacks ambition.The Gray Man ends very (too) quickly by showing his limitsembodying a blockbuster with gonzo action, but never enjoyable »notes a disappointed fan.

Zero originalitybut some cool ideas and a very successful big action scene (…) Not grandiose, but correct”, temper this other Internet user. In summary, Netflix’s most expensive film has half convinced.

However, the story might not end there. Because the producers are already imagining a sequel to the Russo Brothers feature film. Indeed, Anthony and Joe Russo do not close the door to this idea.

They would well imagine a “James Bond” or “Mission Impossible” franchise. “What motivated us to bring together such a cast […] it was, in part, to create a kind of universe in which we could follow them”noted in a press conference Anthony Russo.

“So yes, we hope in any case, that there will still be new stories to tell in the world of The Gray Man”he concluded.

Netflix: the brand new film “The Gray Man” divides internet users!