Nope: First Reviews of Jordan Peele’s New Horror Movie Are Here

The first viewers of Jordan Peele’s new thriller, Boopgave their opinion, and it would seem that the filmmaker did not disappoint.

An undisputed prodigy for some, a well-meaning political scam for others, Jordan Peele may well divide the crowds, the filmmaker nevertheless knew how to revolutionize the modern horror landscape through his first two feature films. After having shaken a first salvo of spectators in 2017 with the hypnotizing get-out (which will still have earned him the Oscar for best original screenplay), Jordan Peele quickly announced himself as an explosive artistic promise.

A promise that the release of Us in 2019 did not necessarily confirm for everyone, but which nevertheless completed establishing the filmmaker as a maker as ambitious as he was radical. It is therefore quite naturally that a certain enthusiasm has been forged around his new project, Boopwhich aims to provide a plot halfway between horror and science fiction. An expected, anticipated turning point that a handful of early English-speaking critics had the chance to discover at the film’s premiere in Los Angeles.

And it would seem, given the initial feedback, that Jordan Peele did not disappoint. Newspaper.

We open the window to the first opinions

“Jordan Peele’s Nope is one of the best films I’ve seen this year! It’s scary and fierce, but also full of humor, and unlike any other film that’s ever featured UFOs. is an absolutely unique, and VERY entertaining horror film, underpinned by crazy twists, and an unforgettable performance by Keke Palmer.

What I love most about Nope is how the footage unfolds its narrative. It’s Peele’s most ambitious film to his name (the sound is just amazing), yet the plot is clever, and constantly evolving. The characters are really well written. You’ll be invested from the moment the footage starts, and long after it’s finished, you’ll still want to talk about it.” Erik Davis – Fandango

“Nope is simultaneously otherworldly, and indescribable. From sequences of sheer terror to moments of shared emotions between the characters, Nope is an experience that will be hard to tear you away from, even after you pick your jaw up off the ground. Jordan Peele has really kicked things off!” Shannon McGrew – Nightmarish Conjuring

Nope: photo, Keke Palmer, Daniel Kaluuya, Brandon PereaAn amazing Keke Palmer, apparently.

“The movie Nope is just a resounding YES. You absolutely have to see it on the biggest screen possible. look at the sky in the same way.” Nigel Smith- The Wrap

“Nope is astounding. A trippy, terrifying sci-fi/Western hybrid that results in a riveting collision between the big screen and a full-scale spectacle. Jordan Peele is a fucking master when it comes to it’s about delivering a total experience, while sending you home with questions in your head.” Perri Nemiroff – Collider

Nope: photoA whirlwind of rave reviews

“Nope is Jordan Peele’s most assured, unbridled, and probably most divisive footage. So much intended to frighten. With its little nuances of Encounters of the Third Kind, Jaws, and others, Nope is a real puzzle.” Simon Thompson – Variety

“The most important thing about Nope is that the footage is incredibly different from Get Out and Us. with all the subtext one would expect from his films. Go there with an open mind and ready for anything, and you will be rewarded.” Kevin Polowy- Yahoo Entertainment

Nope: photo, Daniel KaluuyaDaniel Kaluuya, eternal muse of the filmmaker.

“With Nope, Jordan Peele continues to craft deep, multi-dimensional, riveting horror footage, and so much the better. It really is summer entertainment that’s itself centered around entertainment, and, if there’s a heard a whole range of different references, it is above all a wonderful tribute to Jaws. A great success for Peele.” Eric Eisenberg – Cinema Blend

“Nope is nothing you might expect. Entertaining, mind-bending, simultaneously disconcerting and terrifying, and, like most of Peele’s footage, multi-faceted, the footage is reflective long after you see it. .” Chris Killian – Comic Book

“Nope is Jordan Peele’s most ambitious, but also weakest film. The first act is great, but as the second rolls around the plot loses balance and the film turns into some sort of bad directed movie. by M. Night Shyamalan with Spielberg-esque elements. The whole thing lacks an established direction, and a properly realized plot.” Scott Menzel – WeLiveEntertainment

Nope : Photo Steven YeunWhen you try to hide spoilers but want to see a little anyway

These are the first returns that are definitely full of praise. Almost each of the opinions thus takes great care to raise the intelligence of the crossing between the different codes of horror and those of science fiction, which seem to confer on the film a simultaneously frightening and fascinating dimension. In fact, it could well be that, like the filmmaker’s two previous films, Boop also responds to a vocation to jostle the viewerpushing the latter to live with the plot long after he left the screening room.

Some of the aroused journalists have subsequently noted how much this new footage is, according to them, the most ambitious of the filmography of Jordan Peele, and the most successful in its realization. Boop thus seems to guarantee an unforgettable spectacle, brilliant as much by its convoluted intrigue so characteristic of the filmmaker, as by its visual identity.

More than a simple revisit of SF intrigues based on various spaceships, the film is therefore intended to be a complete, unusual work, but also, according to certain critics, overwhelming. If the film is released this July 22 in the United States, it however, it will be necessary wait until August 10, the release date of the film in French cinemas, to form their own opinion.

Nope: First Reviews of Jordan Peele’s New Horror Movie Are Here