Nope: Jordan Peele teases a possible sequel to his alien movie

A few weeks after the release of his rich and resounding Boop, Jordan Peele already teasing a potential sequel.

The arrival of the eclectic Boop in dark rooms has been the subject of a wildfire. Jordan Peele’s new nightmare was quickly talked about after its intriguing teaser and mostly rave critical reception. A third expected work, therefore, since it inevitably presented itself as the one that was going to elevate or not Jordan Peele to the rank of confirmed director. Because if his first attempt get-out had seduced almost everyone, it was far from being the case for his second feature film Us.

Little revolutionary prodigy or pretentious and self-righteous hustler, the world was going to be able to make its choice. And it is clear that the radicalism of Jordan Peele’s cinema has retained all its juice in Boop. It’s very simple, if there are a few reluctant ones, the film has above all federated thanks to the ambitious spectacle he gave to see as well as to the richness he deployed within his story. Obviously, for such a dense work, some brave spectators tried to decipher the film and made a mysterious discovery.

Fans make discoveries in a movie where we make discoveries

It is in fact observed that on the IMDb file of the film exists a mysterious role attributed and brought to the screen (or not) by Michael Busch decked out with the sweet nickname of “Nobody”. Netizens then noticed that this character briefly appeared in the final trailer for Boop. Naturally, it’s not uncommon to see shots included during promotion not appearing in the final render screened at the cinema. Certain takes have time to disappear on the editing tables and in the end, Michael Busch and his character were cut from the film.

However, curiosity and the enthusiasm around this revelation was such that Jordan Peele had to react. So it was during an interview for the New York Times that the representative of a new wave of horror films was able to loosen his tongue. Perfect pretext to thank the fans for the interest they show in their submitting some details as to the intentions he reserves for the great absentee from his footage :

Nope: photo, Michael BuschRare shot of the little angel who left the editing sessions too soon

“People are doing a lot of interesting research, that’s what’s happening. The story of this character has not yet been told, that I can tell you. Which is another more frustrating way of saying, I’m glad people paid attention. I think they [les fans] will have more answers on this stuff in the future. We are not done telling you all these stories yet.”

With such a confession, the genius of the teaser therefore seems to hint at the possibility of a sequel or a spin-off around the character who was missing on the big screen. Jordan Peele looks up for it and seems to be planning to expand the universe he’s created if the opportunity arises. Something to satisfy the curious and reward the investment of cyber detectives. Waiting, Boop is close to 150 million dollars in revenue worldwide so it’s up to you to go find out in theaters if you haven’t already done so that Peele can re-peele-r on another project very quickly.

Nope: Jordan Peele teases a possible sequel to his alien movie