November 2022 series: ‘The Crown’ on Netflix, ‘Willow’ on Disney+ and other premieres

The British monarchy is going through times of profound change. The phrase that could describe the current moment of that institution also serves to describe the fifth season of The Crown. The Netflix series is one of the jewels in the crown of television fiction that arrives in November. In the coming weeks, Tim Burton’s look at the Addams family will also be released in Wednesday. With The route, the viewer will be able to relive the nightlife and discos of the nineties. A good dose of nostalgia, in this case with fantasy and adventures in the background, is provided by Willowcontinuation of the 1988 film. A darker return is the one that proposes The Kingdom Exoduswhich recovers and continues the story created by filmmaker Lars von Trier in 1994. Several comedies and a thriller complete the menu of outstanding proposals for this month.

But November does not stop there. The month has started with the premieres of fiction in Catalan Sicily Sense Morts (Filmin), a thriller political with corruption at its center, and The Winchesters (HBO Max), prequel to Supernatural. Whoever is looking for light stories, this month they return Grey’s Anatomy (Disney+), The sex life of college girls (HBO Max) and even The Simpson (Disney+). In Argentina the end of love (Prime Video) Lali Esposito stands up against romantic love, while echo 3 (Apple TV+) proposes a thriller action with Luke Evans and Michiel Huisman.

More premieres: dangerous liaisons (Lionsgate+) imagine the origins of the characters from the famous novel adapted to the cinema; 1899 (Netflix) is the new proposal from the creators of Dark, Y Self defense (Filmin), the new series of Filmin’s own production, is a self-fiction with two friends from Barcelona eager to live life to the fullest. And to top it off, in November two of the most followed Spanish series return with new seasons: Elite (Netflix) and The one that is coming (First Video).

Of the premieres and returns of this month (which you can check in our calendar), We recommend giving this selection a try.

Reboot: the reunion

An image from ‘Reboot: The Reunion’.

The cast of a sitcom that was a success at the beginning of the millennium is forced to meet again after it is decided to resurrect the series. The actors will have to deal with the unresolved issues between them and with their fit in today’s world. Steve Levitan, co-creator of the hugely successful Modern Family and with three decades of experience in comedy, he returns to television with a proposal raised as a television satire. Keegan-Michael Key, Rachel Bloom and Johnny Knoxville are some of the stars of this series that has received acclaim from specialized American critics.

Where and when to see it? Day 2 on Disney+.

The Kingdom: Exodus

An image from ‘The Kingdom Exodus’.

From 1994 and 1997 date the first two parts of The Kingdom (Riget in its original Danish), Lars von Trier’s series delved into the neurological area of ​​Copenhagen’s main hospital, where inmates and staff suffer a series of supernatural phenomena. The Twin Peaks Europea returns with a delivery in which a sleepwalking woman ends one night, without knowing how, in front of this hospital where evil lives. Lars von Trier and Niels Vorsel are once again in charge of the script and the cast includes stars of Nordic cinema such as Lars Mikkelsen, Nikkolaj Lie Kaas, Mikael Persbrandt or Alexander Skarsgard.

Where and when to see it? It opens on the 8th on Filmin.

The Crown

Dominic West as Prince Charles and Elizabeth Debicki as Diana of Wales, in the fifth season of ‘The Crown’.Photo Credit: Keith Bernstein (Keith Bernstein)

one of the productions more luxurious and cared for of current television returns with its fifth season to continue telling the contemporary history of the United Kingdom through the life of the British royal family. The plot starts in 1991 to advance only a few years this time (the death of Diana of Wales, in 1997, will be narrated in the next season). However, there will be no lack sauce in the argument. In these chapters, the queen will deal with a new prime minister, John Major, and with several family crises, highlighting the publication of an intimate conversation between Carlos and Camila or the publication of the book Diana: a true story. Imelda Staunton, Dominic West, Jonathan Pryce, Elizabeth Debicki and Lesley Manville take over in the cast.

Where and when to see it? All 10 episodes will premiere on November 9 on Netflix.

Mythical Quest

Rob McElhenney and Charlotte Nicdao, in the third season of ‘Mythic Quest’.

The third season of the comedy set in the back room of an online video game places the characters in different places. Ian and Poppy continue to try to get along, this time as partners in a new studio. David has taken control of Mythic Quest, Brad is released from jail and Rachel is looking for his place. The series, which had a very good first season and a second installment with very remarkable episodes, faces the challenge of maintaining the good taste it has left behind. In its favor it has a group of characters with multiple oddities, hobbies and defects that are easy to grow fond of.

Where and when to see it? Returns on the 11th on Apple TV+ with weekly episodes.

The route

Ricardo Gómez, Guillem Barbosa, Claudia Salas, Àlex Monner and Elisabet Casanova, stars of ‘La ruta’.

A story of friendship with the Bakalao Route in the background. Marc, Toni, Sento, Nuria and Lucas spend their youth between discos, drugs and electronic music. They live fast and suffer its consequences. The series, which opts for an unconventional narrative By starting with the end of the story to start a progressive journey to the past, it shows the wounds and the weight that the characters carry at that end of the road. Contrary to what is usual in these stories, he goes from darkness to light, from that moment in which there seems to be no way out to that moment in which everything was still possible. Àlex Monner, Claudia Salas, Ricardo Gómez and Elisabet Casanovas are the protagonists of this story that puts the weight on the characters and on the reconstruction of that atmosphere of discos and endless nights.

Where and when to see it? Starting on the 13th, on Atresplayer Premium with weekly episodes.


Moosa Mostafa and Jenna Ortega, in the fourth chapter of ‘Wednesday’.

Jenna Ortega is Wednesday, the teenage daughter of Morticia (Catherine Zeta-Jones) and Gomez Adams (Luis Guzmán) in the series directed by Tim Burton. The first trailers point to a combination of black comedy, with a gothic air, high school and mystery. The plot takes place at Nevermore Academy, where Wednesday Addams struggles to master her psychic ability while she tries to put an end to a murder spree. At the same time, she tries to solve a murder involving her parents 25 years ago. And in the background, the usual problems of any adolescent. Only Wednesday is not a normal teenager. There are high expectations placed on this series.

Where and when to see it? Wednesday the 23rd, on Netflix.

I don’t like to drive

David Lorente and Juan Diego Botto, in ‘I don’t like to drive’.
Photo: PADU

The director and screenwriter Borja Cobeaga has been based on his own experience to tell the story of Pablo, a man who, after 40 years of age (Juan Diego Botto) decides to get his driver’s license. This grumpy university professor will have a hard time assuming that he still has a lot to learn, especially when he receives his practical classes from a professor, or as he likes to say, a somewhat peculiar educator, very involved and joking. In class, to make matters worse, he coincides with one of his students, Yolanda, with whom he will establish a curious relationship. Anyone who has obtained the card will be identified in the situations that the protagonist lives, and anyone who is a son (everyone) will understand the emotional part of this series that knows how to combine its comical and tender aspects very well. And watch out for the driving school teacher, a brilliant David Lorente.

Where and when to see it? On November 25 on TNT and TNT Now with a double episode.


From left, Amar Chadha-Patel, Ellie Bamber, Ruby Cruz, Warwick Davis and Erin Kellyman, in “Willow.”

The 1988 fantasy adventure classic returns, fittingly in 2022, in series form. The story takes place years after the events narrated in the film. An event will cause a more or less uneven group of characters to be forced to leave the castle walls to seek the help of the sorcerer Willow and thus try to put things back on track. The series brings back some of the characters and actors from the movie (including Warwick Davis) and, judging by the trailers, it has that classic teen-adventure fantasy feel that connects to the movie, albeit with obvious modern twists.

Where and when to see it? November 30 on Disney+.

The patient

Domhnall Gleeson and Steve Carell in ‘The Patient’.

Steve Carell plays a therapist who is imprisoned by one of his patients, a serial killer, who demands that his psychologist stop his homicidal urges. To do this, he must enter the mind of the psychopath, but he avoids going into the most complex issues. During his captivity, the psychologist reviews his own past and confronts his own repressed problems, such as the death of his wife and the estrangement of his son. American critics have highlighted Carell’s performance and the claustrophobic atmosphere of the new series from the creators of The Americans.

Where and when to see it? Also on the 30th on Disney+.

Other outstanding series of November

Second season. Day 1 on Netflix.

Premiere. Day 1 in Filmin.

Premiere. Day 1 on HBO Max.

Season 19. Day 2 on Disney+.

Premiere. Day 3 on Netflix.

Premiere. Day 3 on HBO Max.

Second season. Day 3 on Syfy.

Premiere. Day 4 on Amazon Prime Video.

Premiere. Day 6 at Lionsgate+.

Premiere. Day 10 in Movistar Plus+.

Premiere. Day 11 on Apple TV +.

Second season. Day 16 on Netflix.

Second season. Day 17 on HBO Max.

Premiere. Day 17 on Netflix.

Third and final season. Day 17 on Netflix.

Sixth season. Day 18 on Netflix.

Season 13. Day 18 on Amazon Prime Video.

Premiere. Day 23 on Apple TV +.

Season 34. Day 23 on Disney+.

Premiere. Day 29 in Filmin.

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November 2022 series: ‘The Crown’ on Netflix, ‘Willow’ on Disney+ and other premieres