On TV Tonight: ‘Invisible Man’ or ‘Full Metal Jacket’

Here is our selection for this Tuesday, January 24.


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“Invisible Man,” at 9:05 p.m. on AB3

Cecilia Kass has long suffered the violence of her companion, a brilliant and wealthy scientist. One night, she runs away. To her great surprise, Cecilia learns that the man who bullied her for years killed himself and left her the tidy sum of 5 million dollars. But is he really dead?

“Full Metal Jacket”, at 8:50 p.m. on CLUB RTL

A training camp in North Carolina in the late 1960s. Sergeant Hartman, of the Marine Corps, takes charge of new recruits, with the ambition of turning them into killing machines. The war that the United States is waging in Vietnam indeed requires soldiers without qualms…

The stars of Dominique Deprêtre

“The Man of the Lost Valleys”, at 9:20 p.m. C8 – four stars

by George Stevens (1953)

Alan Ladd facing Jack Palance, it’s David against Goliath in this great classic of the western which is distinguished by a psychological tension worthy of a real thriller and a family atmosphere where emotion is almost permanent. Written by Victor Young, the credits entitled “The Call of the Faraway Hills” was a real hit in the States in its version sung by Ken Curtis.

“Out of control”, at 8:15 p.m., on AB3 – three stars

by Martin Campbell (2010)

“Edge of Darkness” in VO is taken from a successful six-episode mini-series produced by the BBC in 1986. The most amusing thing is that its director was already Martin Campbell, who later became famous for having directed “Goldeye” in particular. , the first “James Bond” played by Pierce Brosnan. The script has been adapted to take place in the land of Uncle Sam. The success is total, because the suspense is constantly revived.

“Millenium: what does not kill me”, at 11:50 p.m. on FRANCE 2 – two stars

by Fede Alvarez (2018)

Overall passed under the Californian yoke, the first opus of the saga excluding Larsson ultimately only keeps its Nordic setting, nicely darkened by the Uruguayan horror film specialist. For the rest, the heroine played by Briton Claire Foy frees herself by offering herself the mission of saving the world from her psychopathic sister, proof that the female 007 – who is also eyeing “Jason Bourne” – already exists…

“Liberté-Oléron”, at 1:45 a.m. on ARTE – two stars

by Bruno Podalydes (2001)

After his “God alone sees me (Versailles-Chantiers)” which had won him the César for best first work two years earlier, the eldest of the brothers co-wrote with his youngest Denis this original summer and family comedy whose moral could be that “sailing is a serious business that cannot be improvised”.

“The hill of gallows”, at 11:30 p.m. on C8 – one star

by Delmer Daves (1958)

Produced a year after “L’or du Hollandais”, the last western from the author of the mythical “3h10 pour Yuma”, one of the absolute references of the genre. This time, we are alas! next to the plate.

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On TV Tonight: ‘Invisible Man’ or ‘Full Metal Jacket’