One Piece: here are the worst characters according to Japanese fans

A manga like One Piece, which has been progressing with its story in a more or less constant way for 25 years, and which is only now starting to show the first signs of progress towards the end, obviously has a decidedly large and varied cast of characters , also given the way in which the author builds his story.

Over the course of the arcs, more and more characters are introduced, some more important than others, but each of them relevant to the construction of a vast and vibrant world, which shows how the personalities present in the One Piece universe are disparate and not always so. simple to understand.

In all this, however, some characters end up failing to win the sympathy of the public, quite the contrary. Both as regards the secondary characters, and for the main and protagonists, they too are not exempt from having defects that are easily identifiable by fans.

The survey that shows hatred towards some One Piece characters

Whether it’s a bad presentation, or a wrong way in showing and defining his characters, even in the work of Eiichiro Oda some of them end up not being appreciated by the public at all for various reasons. It could be their character, their design, their strength or their stories, but the substance does not change.

Through the Japanese platform Suki Kirathe fans have thus determined which of the One Piece characters suffer the greatest hatred from the public, in an “unpopularity” ranking carried out through a survey on this site, which has 7 million visitors every month.

It should be emphasized that the site in question is aimed at Japanese anime and manga fans, and therefore does not reflect a global impression. So let’s start this list.

Princess of Alabasta, actually the young girl is super loved by fans. Introduced as the first antagonistic character of Crocodile’s crew, she later showed that she cared about her people, and became close friends with the Mugiwara. However, many fans argue that she possesses a weak personality, and yet she would not be that helpful in situations that require fighting.

On the Suki Kira site it is also possible to vote for real people connected to the work, and this has allowed fans to add Kenji Kamiki, a huge fan of the work and well-known Japanese artist, as well as author of the manga “a great fan of One Pieces”. This man is also appreciated by the staff of the series, but it seems that several fans do not like him very much because of the enormous attention he has managed to get. Surely a part is also due to the jealousy of the fans, as Kenji managed to get the attention of their favorite author.

Daughter of Kaido and awaited new member of the Mugiwara in the course of Wano, the young woman was able to rebel against Yonko and his tyranny. She had declared that she wanted to sail the seas with Luffy and she also got to know Ace, and she has been esteeming Kouzuki Oden for years with all her heart. However, fans do not like her as a character as strong as Sanji and Zoro appeared out of nowhere, and the stubbornness she has shown is also a negative factor.

The first character introduced to Wano, he assisted Luffy in the beginning by feeding him food. She too has a Devil Fruit, capable of making special mochi that lead whoever eats them to be a follower of her. While she’s not exactly hated, the little girl becomes quite unbearable when she starts crying for whatever reason.

Introduced as a member of CP9, the government organization of assassins, he later becomes a member of CP0: he was one of the first major obstacles that Luffy had to overcome. The fact that he is one of the main antagonists in the story does not work in his favor in terms of “appreciability”.

Empress of the island of Amazon Lily and captain of the pirates Kuja, with her Devil Fruit she is able to enchant everyone, leading them to transmorph into stone. Her past has been quite tragic, and her intentions aren’t all that extreme or influential in the world. The reason why some fans don’t love her lies in her great obsession with Luffy, which very often ends up being unbearable.

Carrot is a member of the Minks who had the opportunity to join the Mugiwara crew, then losing to Yamato in his place. Pedro’s death led to her getting her place, and because of that it’s possible we won’t see her again for some time. Also, the girl has not shown such a strong personality unlike the other characters seen in the previous arc.

  • 3 – Charlotte Linlin (Big Mom)

Now a former Yonko and captain of the Big Mom pirates, she lived long enough to marry more than forty times and at the same time produce about twice as many children. However, the woman is also the subject of particular controversies due to her psychopathic attitude, and her cruel and sketchy personality.

Well yes, among the worst or most hated characters, the mangaka himself is also included in the ranking. The author is extremely popular in the industry and among anime and manga lovers, but one must also consider the whole of things with current facts. It may be that one of the reasons that led him to register so high on the list, in addition to the unconfirmed “headcanons” of the readers that lead them to anger, there is also the way in which the story continues, when by now it must have been beautiful that finished.

Uta-One Piece Red

Everything we know about Uta we owe to Eiichiro Oda and his staff. The film introduces us to what is described as the daughter of Red Shanks, and shows us the girl’s power and her relationship with Luffy, born through their childhood. Her appearances on the television series have been very few and through original episodes, and unfortunately she has also found herself to be the character most in the eyes of the “haters” this year, after numerous fans said they were disappointed for the movie. Even the fact of having chosen Ado, a singer who has been the protagonist of various controversies in Japan, has added further fuel to the fire.

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One Piece: here are the worst characters according to Japanese fans