Opinion and audience Stereo Club (TF1) with Camille Combal on July 1, 2022: Musical show!

Stereo Club on TF1 on Friday July 1, 2022 for the second issue with Camille Combal: a new, original musical show. What is the concept of this Friday night entertainment? What TV audience?

Your opinions on Stereo Club, TF1’s new musical entertainment

TF1 launches the music program Stereo Club animated by Camille Combal. It is an adaptation of the game That’s my Jam created by Jimmy Fallon (famous host of The Tonight Show on NBC). Diffusion

Stereo Club is produced by Ellimac Productions, it welcomes personalities (singers, actors, comedians) who will compete as a team on their level of singing and their musical culture. For the 1st number we find Elie Semoun, Amir, Ahmed Sylla, Eva Queen, Julie Zenatti, Joyce Jonathan, Michael Gregorio, Christophe Licata, Caroline Anglade, Bruno Sanches from the series HPI season 3Mr Octopus and Elisa Tovati.
2nd issue for Stereo Club on TF1 with Friday July 1, 2022 with Anggun, Gérémy Crédeville, Maxime Gasteuil, Kimberose, Michael Gregorio, Mentissa, Anne Sila and Vincent Niclo

Stereo Club is a great musical battle to celebrate the weekend on TF1.

Camille Combal goes on to prime on TF1, after Welcome Back for 2 weeks and 7 weeks of Mask Singer season 3 …he will have 2 Fridays with Stereo Club. Camille Combal will therefore benefit from 11 prime times on Friday. It’s the new Arthur! Saturday night is Nikos Aliagas number 1 with The Secret Song, The Song of the Year, The Voice…:).

Watch an excerpt from the original version of Stereo Club:

Julien Degroote, director of development at TF1 confided to the Parisian: “We had available almost all of the games created by Jimmy Fallon in his daily life. And we were able to make a few of them, some of which are even going to be picked up for the second season of That’s My Jam in America! » A rhythmic show where you don’t get bored;)

Reviews of TF1’s Stereo Club and the TV audience

Opinions on social networks on the new program Stereo Club of TF1:

@niavlysTrr writes: “Michael Gregorio’s ability to switch between voices without losing pitch is impressive #stereoclub”
@aymeric_joly wrote: “I’m sorry, but I don’t understand the point of Eva Queen’s performance, which is in lip-synching in a musical game. Nothing exceptional, nothing breathtaking, or even nothing funny… #StereoClub”
@idrak__ writes: “The only “false” singer of the 3 singers. they make him sing in playback I find it so abused that I am 🤣🤣🤣#StereoClub”
@BonnieAldi writes: “I like this show it changes and it feels good.. #StereoClub”
@AlainDurieux3 writes: “A pale copy of don’t forget the lyrics and the fury #stereoclub”
@MrRobiiin writes: “It’s nice #StereoClub but it’s not a bonus show at all. It would be perfect in the second part of the evening alternating with VTEP. »
@Chris_Langlet writes: “I confess that I’m a little bored … it’s not really my delirium this #StereoClub concept”

Audience Stereo Club on Friday, May 20, 2022 : 2.73 million viewers and 14.7% audience share among 4-year-olds and + and 31.1% among FRDA-50 year-olds. TF1 second of the evening. (in competition with the French series, Candice Renoir season 10 and Cecile Bois)

Stereo Club audience on Friday, July 1, 2022 : 1.84 million viewers and 10.9% audience share (in competition with M6 and the show Change everything or move by Stephane Plaza)

Opinion and audience Stereo Club (TF1) with Camille Combal on July 1, 2022: Musical show!