Our selection of not very “woke” Netflix films

If you watch a film about a migrant somali transsexual who arrives in France and finds love with a vegan rabbi, there is a good chance that it will be on Netflix (with a CNC grant and a César award). Jokes aside, we all know Netflix’s tendency to overdo it on inclusivity. We have nothing against that, but by dint of wanting to do too much, Netflix annoys its subscribers. Believe it or not, there are also irreverent films and content on Netflix, or at least not dripping with self-righteousness.

As our selection of “woke free” Disney+ films had worldwide success, we are doing it again with Netflix…

Our Netflix “woke free” selection

Dave Chappelle – The Closer

Dave Chappelle is an American comedian who does not do political correctness: transgenderism, abortion, racial slurs, coronavirus, second amendment, pedophile… He does not do lace and this 2021 show is the perfect example. The show is of course subtitled in French. If you like the style, his other shows, Sticks & Stones, Equanimity and The Bird Revelation are also available. In the same genre, we also recommend the 5 shows by Bill Burr (seen in breaking Bad, The Mandalorian) present on the platform.

Ted 2

Too bad the first, much better movie isn’t on Netflix. But hey, this Ted 2 is still quite nice with twisted jokes straight out of the brain of Seth MacFarlane (family guy, american dad). We wonder why this one hasn’t yet been “cancelled”… Film to see in original version because Joey Starr’s voice is unbearable.

The misfit

It’s not our favorite from Bébel, but it’s still a classic of French cinema: a white cop with a not very “gay-friendly” big gun who distributes pies to drug dealers and hits drifts. Stunts without CGI, dialogues of Michael Audiard and music fromEnnio Morricone. Do you need more?

Demolition Man

This film is very interesting because we were far from suspecting that it would be visionary (dirty tommy agrees with us!). Released in 1993, this production with Sylvester Stallone, Sandra Bullock and Wesley Snipes is supposed to take place in 2032. We are therefore on the right track since we can see that men can no longer touch women (#MeToo) and that cops are underequipped and helpless. We can also see the omnipresence of video surveillance, the infantilization of adults, the prohibition of profanity, but also the ostracization of a part of the population, put aside for having the audacity to want to live free (#PassDeLaHonte).

Taxi Driver

Another great Scorsese classic with Robert de Niro and the young Jodie Foster. Travis, a former marine, is a taxi driver in New York. Alone and disturbed, he seeks a purpose in life, but seems to be permanently out of step with his contemporaries. He ends up marrying a Uighur with Down syndrome who works for Uber Eats. No that’s not true. On the other hand, if you watch the VF, you are no longer welcome here.

Las Vegas Paranoid

A crazy film by Terry Gilliam who would probably get screwed in 2022. Raoul Duke (Johnny Depp) is a journalist who has to cover a sporting event in Las Vegas. He takes with him his lawyer, master Gonzo (Benicio del Toro), who carries a suitcase with a whole panel of drugs: mescaline, LSD, cocaine and the mythical adrenochrome. The two accomplices will put themselves pathetic in hallucinating situations (it is the case to say it). An entertaining trip to the very conservative America of the 70s.

american sniper

Clint Eastwood’s film released in 2014, American Sniper is the autobiographical adaptation of Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper), an American sniper who served in Iraq. Necessarily “pro-USA”, the film nevertheless shows the war from a very dark angle. Multi-decorated hero, Chris is a victim of post-traumatic stress and ends up climbing the slope with the help of his wife before everything changes, far from the battlefield.

American Psycho

Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) is a young Wall Street trader who lives in a fancy apartment, only hangs out with wealthy people and only goes out to fashionable places. Maniac about cleanliness, very strict about appearances and his lifestyle, he is also a psychopath who kills violently when it takes him. He hates the poor, homosexuals, but also women and his interchangeable colleagues. Not very Charlie all that.

Netflix programs without Internet: download them!

Do you want to put a cartoon for the children in the car, but the tablet does not connect to the Internet? Want to watch a movie on the train, but 4G/5G isn’t working? On Netflix, it is possible to record programs and enjoy them offline. We explain everything in this video…

Our selection of not very “woke” Netflix films