Perpetual for killing her best friend: “I went from being Gerardín to Gette, the murderous psychopath”

“I went from being Geraldín, as the ‘doc’ called me, to Gette the psychopath and murderer.” With that phrase he lamented Gerardo Luis Gette (58) about the accusation that fell on his back: having killed whom he mentioned as “his best friend.” He pleaded not guilty and said that he had no reason to kill him. He said that he felt “indignation and shame.” But he did not reach him. They ended up condemning him to Life imprisonment for the murder of gynecologist Daniel Casermeiro (61), which occurred in the province of Córdoba.

For a week the gynecologist was searched with different rakes and even with a helicopter in December 2019. Nothing was known about him. He stopped answering the messages and did not answer the calls, despite the fact that he had asked to advance a meeting that he had scheduled, and to which he never arrived.

The gynecologist had disappeared on December 19, 2019. That day he had gone to work at the health center where he provided services in the Cordoba town of San Francisco, had withdrawn money from the bank at noon and had met his friend Gette at the street. The latter said (while the police were looking for the missing doctor) that they were talking in that place and then both went to different places. Later, the security cameras would deny it and corroborate that he had gotten into the wanted man’s BMW 200i.

The last record of the doctor was in the town of Estación Luxardo, a few kilometers from San Francisco, where he stopped at a kiosk to buy three drinks. Then his WhatsApp was stuck at 4:00 p.m. and he had no more activity.

Casermeiro was missing for a week. Investigators first found his abandoned car in a cornfield located on Provincial Route 1, on the way to Luxardo in the department of San Justo. In the trunk there were 9 million pesos, including dollars. But there was no trace of the doctor. His family offered a reward of one million pesos to anyone who could provide accurate data. While the search operation used drones, a helicopter and troops on foot that raked the area.

But finally, it was a rural worker who came across the body of the doctor on December 26 in the middle of the cornfield about five kilometers from where they had found the victim’s car. The man had gone with his dogs to look for firewood and the smell of the animals led him to the corpse.

Casermeiro had a ‘business friendship’ with Gette, the defendant

The trial. “I’m innocent. With Casermeiro we were at the best moment of our friendship. It was a healthy friendship and not for money”Held Gette at the moment that he had the opportunity to say his last words before the popular jury that decided his fate last Tuesday. In addition, he assured that he “had no reason” to kill him, according to what he reported The voice from San Fernando.

For the prosecutor of the San Francisco Crime Chamber, Consuelo Aliaga Díaz the motive for the crime was economic. Casermeiro was dedicated to medicine and doing business, mainly real estate. And Gette presented opportunities. In this context, according to the investigation, the condemned man accumulated a debt with the doctor that became unpayable and when he demanded that he give him the money owed, he killed him “by treason.”

I have a lot of anger, indignation and shame. I went from being Gerardín, as the ‘doc’ called me, to being Gette the psychopath, the murderer. I had mistakes, like everyone, but I’m not a murderer or a thief”, the man maintained before the popular jury that was going to define his participation or not in the event. “The only one harmed by the doctor’s crime was me,” he said.

The prosecutor maintained in her allegations that the crime was the “epilogue” of a situation that had been taking place between Gette and Casermeiro. that they both had a “money and business” link and of “full trust and particular affection” between them.

“That degree of trust was proportional to the demand and that business friendship may have gotten out of hand,” said the official and concluded that Gette felt “cornered” by debts and killed him.

For the prosecution, the defendant first murdered him in a field near the Luxardo Station, then abandoned the car belonging to the doctor in a cornfield on Route 1 and then walked back to San Francisco.

A doctor was acquitted for malpractice and the victim’s family was enraged: scandal, tumult and blows

That day Gette was seen with an “exaggerated tan”. Then the researchers would also be struck by that detail. The defendant explained that he had been working on the roof in the sun. Later, the prosecution would understand that it was because he had walked several kilometers from the cornfield.

For the defense of Gette the test was “directed” against his client. “They never looked for another line of investigation”complained the lawyer Héctor Flores who had requested in his allegations the acquittal of the man for the benefit of the doubt.

“Gette’s location in this process cannot be proven. There are too many doubts. It has not been proven that Gette was that day in the area between Plaza San Francisco and Luxardo Station, that is specific. The certainty that is needed to find a guilty person, in this case did not exist”, he raised. Finally there were no doubts for the majority of the popular jury and they found him guilty of the crime.

The gynecologist was shot in the neck in the middle of a cornfield. Now his best friend will serve a life sentence for having been accused of pulling the trigger treasonously.

“Manipulate relationships”

During the trial, the word of a psychologist who works for the Córdoba police who analyzed the profile of Gerardo Gette and described him as a person “with a lack of empathy”, but who “can simulate it”. And he assured that he has the ability to “manipulate relationships” and for him, Dr. Daniel Casermeiro “was an object for a benefit.”

“We saw impulsiveness, a certain degree of narcissism and egocentrism, with the ability to dissociate between affection and feeling; also lack of empathy although he can simulate it”described Marcelo Alejandro Brandan, who explained that the psychological profile was made from the analysis of the file and clarified that he did not meet with the defendant.

“You can understand the needs of the other, manipulate relationships, in this case the person (by Casermeiro) was an object for a benefit,” he added, according to the local press.

The judge Maria Teresa Garay He asked if a person with a profile with the aforementioned characteristics can commit a crime. “There is a high probability that it will act violently”replied the psychologist.

For its part, Gette’s defense questioned that this profile was made without having interviewed the accused of the crime of the doctor, now convicted.

The details

◆ The gynecologist Daniel Casermeiro left the clinic where he worked in the Cordoba town of San Francisco in the morning, suspending his schedule. It was December 19, 2019.

◆ Then he had withdrawn money from the bank and bought three drinks in the town of Luxardo, a few miles from San Francisco. His cell phone stopped working at 4:00 p.m.

◆ Three days later, the car was found abandoned on a rural road. In the trunk there were 9 million pesos.

◆ On December 26, they found the body of the gynecologist in the middle of a cornfield. He had been shot in the neck.

◆ The next day his “best friend” Gerardo Gette was arrested.

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Perpetual for killing her best friend: “I went from being Gerardín to Gette, the murderous psychopath”