Prime Video: a cult film by Patrick Swayze will have its remake with Jake Gyllenhaal

Cult film from the early 90s, the muscular “Road House” begins filming this summer, for a release on Prime Video. Jake Gyllenhaal takes over the role of bar bouncer, under the direction of the director of “La Mémoire dans la peau”.

“One: never underestimate your opponent, plan for the unexpected. Two: we bump into each other outside, never fight inside the bar except in case of force majeure. Three: be cool”. These are the three rules of Patrick Swayze in Road House, series B which marked the beginning of the 90s (and undoubtedly created some vocations) and which has since become a classic of the “bouncer movie”.

A modern Western that sees an unnamed bouncer-philosopher walk into a small-town Missouri bar to clean it up against the local bully, Road House had a modest theatrical career (barely $30 million at the US box office… and five Razzie Award nominations) before earning its status as a cult film thanks to its exploitation in video clubs and its multicasts on television. Sam Elliott, mentor of the main character, thus evokes it as the film which his fans speak to him most often.

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If a Road House 2 finally saw the light of day in 2005 – without Patrick Swayze but with Johnathon Schaech in the role of his son – and a female version with Ronda Rousey was mentioned for a time in 2015, a remake of Road House returns now in production at Amazon Studios, under the leadership of legendary producer Joel Silver (Lethal Weapon, Predator, Piège de Cristal, Matrix), already at work on the original film.

Most of the remakes of the hits of the 80s and 90s have certainly not necessarily convinced (one thinks of Robocop, Conan or Footloose), but this new version of Road House has some interesting arguments to offer. On the casting side, Jake Gyllenhaal (already impressive as a boxer in The Rage in the Belly) will camp a former UFC champion who has become a bouncer in an establishment in Florida. At his side, we will find in particular Billy Magnussen (recently on the poster of Dying can wait) and Daniela Melchior (revelation of The Suicide Squad).


For the production, Doug Liman, who had dynamited the action with La Mémoire dans la Peau and Edge of Tomorrow, will slip behind the camera for a feature film imagined as a tribute to the original film and its fans likely to also reach an audience. wider and global (remember that Prime Video is available in 240 countries). “I’m thrilled to bring my own twist to Road House’s beloved legacy, and can’t wait to show audiences what Jake and I will do with this iconic role.”explains the filmmaker in a press release relayed by variety.

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As for Joel Silver, at the origin of the biggest action cinema franchises, he announces the color: “The original Road House holds a special place in my heart, and I’m thrilled to bring this new version to audiences around the world. Doug and I have each created great, explosive action movies, and we’re ready to bring whatever we have to this one.” Road House begins filming in August, for release in 2023 on Prime Video.

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For the anecdote, we remember that a very young Jake Gyllenhaal had been revealed in 2002 in Donnie Darko, where Patrick Swayze appeared as a pedophile “motivational coach”. It should also be remembered that three other essential films by Patrick Swayze have already been revisited: Dirty Dancing in 2004 and 2017, L’Aube Rouge in 2012 and Point Break in 2016.

Prime Video: a cult film by Patrick Swayze will have its remake with Jake Gyllenhaal