Prime Video, the new films in January 2023: Frank Grillo is Lamborghini, Lupine against Cat’s Eyes, Fast and Furious 9

In January 2023 Prime Video presents in streaming among the exclusives the biographical Lamborghini with Frank Grillo, the anime Lupine III vs Cat’s Eyes and, among the third-party proposals, Fast & Furious 9 and The Croods 2.

In January 2023 on Prime Videos in terms of feature films, three exclusives await us, i.e. films distributed only on this platform, and one Amazon Original. We’ve got a biopic, a thriller, a comedy, and a meet-and-greet between two iconic anime brands, not to mention some recent blockbusters coming to the service as third-party films.

Prime Video, the originals and exclusives for January 2023

The original production of Prime Videos in the January 2023 and An explosive marriageavailable from 27. Darcy (Jennifer Lopez) and Toms (Josh Duhamel), just when the couple is having problems, they must now celebrate the wedding of the centurybringing together their already difficult to manage families: considering then that the guests will also be taken hostagethe situation should escalate rapidly… Jason Moore directs, Mark Hammer writes.

Lamborghini – The Man Behind the Legendfrom 19, is as the title suggests a biopic about the founder of car manufacturer, set in post-World War II Italy, in the 1950s. Who was the man behind the legend, between a modest beginning and even a rivalry with Enzo Ferrari? The protagonist is brought to the screen by Frank Grillobut in the cast there are also See Sorvino and Gabriel Byrneas well as Italian names such as Romano Reggiani, Fortunato Cerlino and Clemente Maccaro (Clementino).

Truly a must for fans of vintage anime is the film Lupine III Vs Cat’s Eyewhere two childhood myths of multiple generations meet: in this story Sheila, Kelly and Tati they want to steal a painting from the series “The Girl and the Flowers” by Michael Heinz, but they discover that at the same time, in the same museum, Lupine he’s stealing another one. Behind the paintings there are clues that lead to the father of the three thieves… The Italian voice actors of the characters are involved: Stefano Onofri (Lupin III), Alessandro D’Errico (Jigen), Davide Perino (Goemon), Alessandra Korompay (Fujiko) , Rodolfo Bianchi (Zenigata), Domitilla D’Amico (Sheila), Elena Perino (Kelly), Emanuela Ionica (Tati) and Emanuele Ruzza (Matthew). From 27 January.

From 28 January the thriller Hypersomnia tells of a new method to serve sentences to those convicted: hypersleep, a deep sleep that replaces prisons in the near future. Psychologist David Damiani (Stephen Accorsi) discovers, however, that all the data of a prisoner has been lost: what’s underneath? Will David be able to resolve the situation and at the same time confront his past? Directed by Alberto Mascia, screenplay by Alberto Mascia and Enrico Saccà. With Accorsi are Caterina Shulha, Astrid Meloni, Andrea Germani, Paolo Pierobon and Sandra Ceccarelli.Check out Prime Video

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Prime Video, third-party movies in January 2023

Beyond originals and exclusives, Prime Video offers January 2023 some recent blockbuster works, such as Fast & Furious 9 with Vin Diesel and his ragtag gang on four wheels (from January 11), while the DreamWorks Animation film is also a sequel The Croods 2 – A new era, already available. In the midst of the pandemic, this cartoon was able to recover costs and indeed generate profit only with its cinematic release (and it’s funny too).
Watch The Croods 2: A New Era now on Prime Video

From January 9 instead Freaky tells the crazy story of a high school girl (Kathryn Newton) who discovers that he has switched his own body with that of one psychopath (Vince Vaughn). Thriller, horror and comedy mix in Christopher Landon’s film. From January 9th.
On the other hand, fun for the little ones is guaranteed by Spirit – The rebelavailable from January 31st, sequel not so much to the famous animated feature film, but to the TV series that is derived from the latter, dedicated to one of the favorite animals especially of girls: the horse.

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Prime Video, the new films in January 2023: Frank Grillo is Lamborghini, Lupine against Cat’s Eyes, Fast and Furious 9