Queen Elizabeth funeral, TV programming: Rai 1 and Canale 5 completely change their schedules

On La7, starting at 11:00, a special of the La7 news program will start, conducted by Enrico Mentana.

Monday, September 19, from 12:00, the funeral of the Queen Elizabeth and, for the occasion, many networks have changed their programming. The ceremony, in fact, is a real one global eventwhich should be attended by two thousand guests including family members, political leaders and representatives of the world’s royal houses.

The program of the day

The funeral of the Queen Elizabeth, followed in Italy with ad hoc TV programming, depart at 11:35 am. The coffin, at this hour, is transferred to theWestminster Abbey, where the funeral is then celebrated. At 12:00, as mentioned, the ceremony starts and should end an hour later, at 13:00.

At the end of the mass, a long procession takes place through the streets of London that carries the coffin up to Wellington Arch. From here, the coffin is loaded onto a hearse and taken to Windsor for burial.

Queen Elisabeth funeral programming, how Rai and Mediaset schedules change

The funeral of the Queen Elizabeth they are followed, first of all, with planning Rai. On state TV, the story of what happens in London is first entrusted to One morning and, subsequently, to Italian stories. On the other hand, starting at 10:30 am, it takes the line TG1 with a special led by Monica Maggioni that lasts until 3:00 pm. In the appointment there are several guests, including the correspondent from London Marco Varvello. The bets of It is always noon And The Paradise of the Ladies.

The programming of Rai 1 to follow the funeral of the Queen Elizabeth continues, from 15:00 to 16:00, with a monothematic episode of Today is another day by Serena Bortone. At the end, the line resumes TG1, which continues until 18:00. A shortened version of the Live Lifeon air until 18:45.

Queen Elizabeth funeral programming Verissimo

The schedules of Canale 5

With regard to Mediasetthe funeral of the Queen Elizabeth are followed by dedicated programming on Channel 5. It starts at 08:45, with Morning Five News which informs the public about what is happening in the capital. At 11 am he jumps Forum and, in its place, a special episode of very trueproduced in collaboration with the editorial staff of the news program.

Leading Silvia Toffanin, who comments on what is happening in London together with guests Cesara Buonamici, Antonio Caprarica and Francesco Rutelli. In the space, live connections are expected with correspondents Federico Gatti, Dario Maltese and Elena Guarnieri.

The special of very true to follow the funeral of the Queen Elizabeth is scheduled until 2.30 pm, followed by a special from TG5 which continues are at 17:30. Subsequently, the line passes to Barbara D’Urso and hers Afternoon Five.

Queen Elizabeth funeral programming La7

Queen Elizabeth funeral programming, dedicated appointments on Real Time

Also Real Time modifies its schedules for the occasion. The special starts at 11:00 and lasts for seven hours, until 18:00. The journalist from People Francesco Vicario, the director of The Good Life Italy Federica Brunini and the presenter Flavia Cercato.

La7 changed the programming on the occasion of the funeral of the Reginto Elizabeth. From 11:00 a special of the news broadcast by Enrico Mentana starts, which continues until the 13:30 edition and which replaces The air that pulls. In the afternoon, at the moment, the appointment with Tagada.

Finally, the ceremony is visible on the all news networks Tg Com 24, Rai News 24 And Sky TG24accessible respectively on channels 51, 48 and 50.

Queen Elizabeth funeral, TV programming: Rai 1 and Canale 5 completely change their schedules