Reviews and audience Tandem season 6 (France 3) with Léa and Paul the flagship couple!

Tandem season 6 is renewed on France 3 every Tuesday from May 24 to June 28, 2022: Astrid Veillon (Léa) and Stéphane Blancafort (Paul) back for new unreleased episodes to face Unes. Critics on the rest of the series and France 3 TV audiences on Tuesday evening.

Your comments on season 6 of Tandem

Tandem France 3’s detective series was launched on March 29, 2016. It was created by Jérémie Marcus. The duo Astrid Veillon and Stephane Blancafort did very well right away with 4,092,000 and 15.8% pda for the pilot episode.

Tandem season 6 continues in May and June 2022

tandem season 6 arrives as a bonus from Tuesday May 24, 2022 on France 3. 12 episodes are planned over 6 evenings. The series will face competition from Koh Lanta the cursed totem.

Tandem Season 6 Cast Reunites Astrid Veillon in the role of Commander Léa Seler, Stephane Blancafort in the role of captain Paul Marchal, Pierick Tournier who plays Lieutenant Erwan Lebellec, Baya Rehaz in the role of Lieutenant Ines Zaïdi. Francois Dominique Blin plays Franck Marvaud (also present in Here everything begins in the role of Philippe Teyssier), Tatiana Gousseff plays captain Sabine Mauriac, Alban Casterman played Lieutenant Célestin Morel, Patrick Descamps is Colonel Pierre Soler. The children of Léa and Paul are played by Titouan Laporte (Thomas) and Sarah Cheyenne (Alice). We also find Isabelle Tanakil who plays Anne Soler, Laurent Jumeaucourt in the role of Fabrice Tessier, François Neycken who plays Yann Vermaelen, Elea Clair plays Eva, Sabrina Ould Hammouda plays Noor Zaïdi and Romain Debouchaud plays Julien Garrido.

tandem season 6

Paul and Léa finally as a couple in Tandem season 6

Tandem Season 6 Synopsis

Léa left a note for Paul letting him know that she was ready to start over with him. But bad luck, Ines found the message before Paul. Season 6 of Tandem opens with a misunderstanding between Paul and Léa.
Léa interprets Paul’s silence as a refusal, she blames herself for having believed that their couple was possible again. Ines is a prisoner of the gear she has triggered. She is ready to do anything to protect her future with Paul…even to keep Léa away from her family.
How far can Léa let Inès take a place with Alice and Thomas before feeling legitimately excluded? Will Ines succeed in separating Paul and Léa?

tandem season 6 is renewed, filming began on March 24, 2021 and now the episodes are in the box. Grégory de Pritt the producer confided that the series continues and there are still plenty of things to tell with the children of Paul and Léa who are growing up and this famous game of cat and mouse between ex-spouses. Astrid Veillon thinks that eventually there will be a kind of weariness, she thinks the series can’t last forever…she can’t imagine going beyond season 7.

Press reviews of Tandem

3 stars for Télé Loisirs: in this 6th season, we are entitled to sympathetic characters serving rather well the art of misunderstanding.
77 for Télé 7 jours: the Tandem season 6 investigations are considered original and they are carried out at a brisk pace against the backdrop of the thwarted loves of the couple formed by Astrid Veillon and Stéphane Blancafort. 2 stars for Télé Cable Sat for this continuation of Tandem. The dynamic of the series is no longer linked to “investigations but to the comic or romantic links between the characters. It’s fragile but successful. Le Parisien gives 3.5 out of 5 stars believe that even if the scenarios remain nice, they are often far-fetched. Special mention to the actor duo.

Who is Astrid Veillon? Focus on the actress of Tandem the series

Astrid Veillon is a 50-year-old actress. It was revealed in 1994 by the AB series, extreme limit. Then she could play in the series Platform 1 France 2’s detective series. She did a lot of theater before returning to TV as a guest in many series Alice Nevers, Commissioner Magellan, Alexander’s Law… Her big comeback on TV is with Tandem in 2016. Since then, she has made appearances in Léo Mattei season 9, Caïn or even Crimes parfaits. Astrid Veillon has published 2 novels with Plon “ Why us? ” and ” Nine months in the life of a woman“.

TV audiences for Tandem season 6 in May and June 2022

Tandem audience season 6 on May 24, 2022 (episodes 1 and 2 “The Curse of Nostradamus” and “The Straight Path”): 3.42 million viewers and 16.9% audience share
Tandem season 6 audience on May 31, 2022 (episodes 3 and 4 “Esprit de corps”): 4.25 million viewers and 21.4% audience share
Tandem season 6 audience on June 7, 2022 (episodes 5 and 6 “Last Flight” and “Pirate Heart”): 4.78 million viewers and 22.1% PDA for the 1st episode and 4.22 million viewers with 21.5% PDA for the second – France 3 leader-
Tandem season 6 audience on June 14, 2022 (episodes 7 and 8 “Noah’s Ark” and “Blood Brothers”): 4.01 million viewers and 19.9% ​​audience share (France 3 leader
Tandem season 6 audience on June 21, 2022 (episodes 9 and 10 “3248km” and “In troubled waters”): 4.41 million viewers and 22.8% audience share
Tandem season 6 audience on June 28, 2022 (episodes 11 and 12 “corpus mortem”): 4.98 million viewers and 26.4% audience share

=> What you need to know about the filming of Tandem season 7 and the stop of Astrid Veillon which stops the series.

Where to watch Tandem episodes in replay?

Tandem season 6 is available for replay on Salto or the France 2 site for episodes broadcast on Tuesday evenings on France 2. The streaming of old episodes and old seasons is not available on the Salto, Canal or even Disney platforms. Note that the episodes of season 6 in replay can be purchased on VOD channel (rental or purchase). The solution otherwise is the DVD seasons 1 to 3 of Tandem are available.

Tandem season 5: what you need to know


Your comments on the new season of Tandem de France 3 // © Fabien MALOT – FTV – DEMD PRODUCTIONS

tandem season 5 is planned on France 3 for 2021 with lots of new unreleased episodes. And the renewal of the series was decided even before the broadcast of tandem season 4 which started on April 21, 2020 on France 3. Broadcast from April 20, 2021

France 3’s Tandem is not a pretentious series as the actress explains because the police intrigues are a little feeble due to the lack of means (note: the series Tandem of France 3 has half the budget of the other series). She explains that in return, Tandem tries “to raise a certain suspense and fill in the gaps with humor and colorful characters”.


Tandem season 6 here we go again: the series continues with new plots / © Fabien MALOT – DEMD prod – FTV

Tandem the undeniably successful France 3 series is above all a family and entertaining series well constructed with top notch actors! Can’t wait for the continuation with Tandem season 5 for new unpublished 😉

Tandem season 5 the France 3 series

Tandem season 5 returns to France 3 in 2021 //

Tandem’s future is bright as Tandem season 6 is already renewede. Production starts on March 24, 2021 with a budget of around 500,000 euros per 52-minute episode, i.e. a price 30% lower than the other France 3 series.
Sebastien Pavard DG DEMD Productions thus explains to Medias + that the filming of season 5 of Tandem ended at the beginning of February 2021. Tandem is in the Top 10 of the most viewed series in 2020 (season 4 was seen on average by 5.5 million viewers).

Synopsis Tandem season 5:

A few weeks after Léa came across Inès in a bathrobe at Paul’s, when she was about to suggest that she go to Greece with her family, Léa comes back from vacation full of good resolutions: to be happy for Paul who, thanks to Inès, will finally move forward in her life, and be happy for herself who will take hers back in hand. But Léa realizes that between good resolutions and putting them into practice, there is a gulf. Despite her best intentions, seeing Paul rebuild his life with Inès is actually a situation that she finds it difficult to live with…

Paul is trying to find his rhythm with Inès, it’s complicated because she’s afraid of commitment. Inès’ lies and lack of confidence end up making Paul doubt: does Inès really believe in them? Unless it’s Paul himself: is he as ready as he imagines to love someone other than Léa?

Press reviews : 2 stars for TV Grandes Chaînes which considers that this season 6 is off to a good start with, in particular, a nod to Manon des sources. 77 for Télé 7 jours, an ecological battle with still very beautiful scenery. Léa Soler and Paul Machal lead the investigation and engage in heartfelt verbal jousts, but this time they will take a more serious turn.
2 stars for Télé Cable Sat considering that Tandem does the job in terms of investigations by combining efficiency, entertainment … but without originality. “The real hook is in the sitcom involving its main characters”

Tandem season 5 audience on Tuesday, April 20, 2021 : 4.68 million viewers and 19.5% audience share
Tandem season 5 audience on Tuesday April 27, 2021: 4.88 million viewers and 19.5% PDA for the 1st episode and 4.13 million viewers with 18.7% PDA for the second
Tandem season 5 audience on Tuesday, May 4, 2021: 4.53 million viewers and 18.1% PDA for the 1st episode and 4.20 million viewers with 18.9% PDA for the second.
Tandem season 5 audience on Tuesday May 11, 2021: 5,093,000 viewers and 22.5% audience share (France 3 leader)
Tandem season 5 audience on Tuesday May 18, 2021: 4.81 million viewers and 20.2% PDA for the 1st episode and 4.20 million viewers with 19.9% ​​PDA for the second (France 3 leader)
Tandem season 5 audience on Tuesday, May 25, 2021: 4.42 million viewers and 18.6% audience share

Reviews and audience Tandem season 6 (France 3) with Léa and Paul the flagship couple!