Roberto Piazza said that bisexuality is a perversion and was repudiated in the networks

Roberto Piazza was invited to a television program to comment on the wedding dress that Florencia Peña wore this Saturday. Nevertheless, the talk led to an unexpected debate on people’s sexuality and privacy.

The discussion arose when in a passage of the interview they spoke of polyamory, the type of relationship that the actress of Married with Children (Telefe) ensures that it maintains her now husband Ramiro Ponce de León.

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I do not agree with polyamory, it does not exist. How can you be in love with two people or love three people?” the fashion designer said indignantly in We in America (America).

In dialogue with a journalist from the cycle, he added: “Sex is one thing and love is something else. Incorporating another person into sex is called polysex and not polyamory. If you have a wife and you love her, I don’t think she would like you to be in love with another person.

After that sentence, Piazza launched a comment that took everyone by surprise: “Bisexuality is a perversion. I’m not saying it, Freud said it, Lacan said it and Tolstoy said it. Homosexuality and lesbianism are not perversions, they are different things.

Emboldened, he tried to argue his position: “The day you have relationships with a man and a woman and you don’t know which way to run, you’re going to screw up her or him’s life. And you are also going to screw up your children’s lives, they are going to throw it in your face. I assure”. And he completed: “Call a psychiatrist and ask him. I have 35 years of psychoanalysis on me”.

Of course, this interview had a great impact and several users repudiated the designer’s statements. “He grabbed two books by Freud, put them in a blender and went out to talk about perversion,” analyzed the Twitter user @MawelitaN with irony.

Roberto Piazza questioned Thelma Fardin’s complaint against Juan Darthés for rape

The complaint of Thelma Fardin against Juan Darthes for rape It advanced to the oral trial and news is expected. At the end of December, taking advantage of the fact that the issue was once again in public opinion, the journalist Juan Etchegoyen asked Roberto Piazza What did you think about the cause?

“If he messed up, I’m going to say fuck him for being an asshole, but If it’s a lie, many of the green handkerchiefs will have to listen to me”, warned the air of Miter Live.

The designer tried not to be blunt when speaking out about the allegations of abuse, but made it clear that he does not trust the testimony of the former Ugly Duckling. “I don’t know the girl and Juan I’ve known him for years. But she also knows a lot of amazing people and she was psycho. I’m in the middle, I couldn’t tell you if she or he is right, I see it gray and strange. For now,” she expounded.

Roberto Piazza said that he knows Juan Darthés and that is why he doubts the accusations against him. (Photo: File)

And he added: “I can’t say if the asshole or he is right. Here it is very easy to report a violation and more now that they are with this topic. You say something to a mine and she denounces you. It is something very banal and cheap”.

In this sense, Piazza remarked that he will wait for the end of the trial to express himself in this regard: “If the truth of the Milanese is found out and it is discovered, then I will give my opinion on what I thought.”

In addition, he explained what his relationship with Juan Darthés is. “We have shared philanthropic places and we have sung tango. I have a seventh sense and He always seemed like a nice guy to me. I find it strange, but let’s hope that the evidence and Justice say. Let’s hope it’s not a vain and hypocritical complaint, ”she completed.

Roberto Piazza said that bisexuality is a perversion and was repudiated in the networks