Rocío Flores discovers what happens at her mother’s house every morning

Rocio Flores He has not been related to his mother since 2012, since then they have not seen each other again. However, the media exposure of both causes one to have information about what the other is doing and vice versa. This has led to recent statements by Rocio Carrasco let your daughter Rocio Flores know more about your mother’s privacy.

After the two docuseries starring Rocio Carrascothe ex-wife of Antonio David Flores has appeared on multiple occasions in other spaces of Telecinco. singing in Mediafest Night Fever or as a guest at Ana Rosa’s programwhere he confessed to Joaquin Prat: “I made the mistake of giving joint custody to a psychopath.”

Montage with the faces of Rocío Carrasco and Rocío Flores

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After a season occupying hours of television, the mother of Rocio Flores now seems to be looking for a pause time. However, she has recently interrupted his media retreat to appear on we have gotten involved, the podcast presented by Alba Carrillo Y Nagore Robles. As if it were a chat between friends, Rocío has been fun and very relaxed before the curious questions of her collaborators.

At the beginning, the hosts of the space have highlighted the change in Rocio Carrasco after difficult years and have remembered when Rocío and Fidel got married. One day before the wedding, the bride called Nagore to come with her. Sandra Barnedawith whom he had just started a relationship: “I had never been with such important people… it was wonderful,” Robles acknowledged.

Nagore Robles has told her anecdote at the wedding of Rocío and Fidel

The presenter, who had nothing to wear, quickly thought about what alternatives she had. “Where do I get a dress from now, a make-up? Well, I stand in Pronovias and I say ‘I need a dress for this afternoon. Please, a dress that fits me like a glove.

Rocío, in a moment of nostalgia, explained how she felt that day. “We did it because it was a way of thanking the people who loved us for having been with us for so many years. I have the photos on my computer and I have titled it ‘the happiest day of my life’.”

Rocio Carrasco married after two decades with his partner Fidel Albiac. Happy and in love with her husband, she refers to him as the man of her life. “I love him whole, my husband is like wine, as time goes by he is better, he is always getting better”, she explained, unable to choose a single quality of her partner.

Nagore Robles was looking for Carrasco to give more details and proposed that he tell what bothered him about the Sevillian. Rocío indicated that nothing: “He is a very early riser … It is that there is nothing that burdens me with him, he is a super-equitable uncle,” she acknowledged.

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Rocío Flores has learned details of her mother’s intimate life

Before ending the talk, Sunrise He proposed to Nagore and Rocío a sexual encounter for three or four. Rocío answered emphatically and without qualms: “I love Fidel, I love him. He’s a good guy, funny, he cares about everyone…”.

The talk provided intimate details of the couple that Rocío is not used to in the press. All in all, the last two years have marked a turning point for Rocío. Exposing her testimony in public has allowed her to get away from her fears and face the future with another perspective.

Montage with close-up and serious faces of Rocío Carrasco and Fidel Albiac

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Asked if she is happy, Rocío has been sincere. “I can’t tell you that I’m happy because there are things that I won’t be able to change and I have to learn to live that way. But it’s true that there are things that leave you on the way to being happy.”

A few words that show how he faces the future Rocio Carrasco after breaking his silence and telling the public his truth.

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Rocío Flores discovers what happens at her mother’s house every morning