Safeguarding the Ideals of Martin Luther King

The Reverend Martin Luther King led a struggle to defeat the three great scourges of humanity which he calls the “Giant Triplex”: racism, materialism and militarism. Showing gratitude to this icon of peace should lead to the alternative for the nations of the East and the West to adopt attitudes of fraternity, inclusion and social justice.

“Time Is Not Always Money”. Celebrated every third Monday of the month of January around January 15, the date of the anniversary of reverend MLK, Martin Luther King Day is holiday to the United States since 1986. Thus, the government grants a day of pause and meditation to executives and employees of the public administration to honor a legendary soul who harmonized the relations between races and different classes. Many private companies are following suit to deprive capitalist greed of gigantic profits in the economic arbitration of hibernating many highly profitable services of the “First World Power”. Rightly, this sacrifice made to channel energies and minds to meditate on the immense works and the sacred heritage of the immortal King is worth it.

This superhuman personality—of a pure heart, filled with love and generosity—was anointed with magnanimous vision and an extraordinary sense of leadership to hold the case for a new American society and a new world without violence, without discrimination, without economic, political and social exclusion. The immortal MLK remains engraved in the annals of history and constitutes an inexhaustible source of inspiration to ensure harmony and good governance everywhere on the planet. Students, diplomats, professionals of all fields; we are eternally grateful.

Against racism

Martin L. King fiercely defended the virtues of equal opportunity, regardless of gender and color. This charismatic leader delivered one of his greatest “I Have a Dream” speeches, before 200,000 spectators in Washington, DC, on August 28, 1963. This masterpiece exposes the harms and inefficiencies of inegalitarian practices and racists. MLK makes a plea for loyal and honest behavior aspiring to a dignified, egalitarian, just and fulfilled America.

On the angle of racism, MLK pursued the same objective of the illustrious visionary Anténor Firmin who, through his work “On the equality of human races”, gave a bold reply to a narcissistic Arthur de Gobineau who published the heresy “Of the inequality of human races”. It is through this stupid and narrow-minded ideology theorized by the terrorist Gobineau that the psychopath Adolf Hitler deluded himself into an ineptitude of superiority of a certain Aryan race which would end in the extermination of more than six million innocent souls in the world. during the dark years of the Second World War.

Yet no one makes a real impact in life through their skin tone, which is a neutral and insignificant variable. Racism is the prerogative of people with poor minds and empty hearts. The creations, the fascinations, the changes favorable to better standards of life come from the heart and the spirit. There are Whites, Blacks, Yellows and Browns possessing these two faculties: kindness of heart, beauty of mind. There are also empty souls that possess a tiny part of one or both at the same time.

Against materialism and militarism

Dr. King was concerned about the enormous loss of life and property as well as the enormous opportunity costs caused by declared wars between humans to spurt the blood of others and sow grief in many families. Wars and conflicts harden hearts, denature human beings from their goodness, deprive them of peace and happiness. In short, it is a project that honors the designs of the devil. Investing billions of dollars in wars involves divesting from public stocks, shrinking portfolios for the eradication of poverty and hunger, disinterest in eradicating illiteracy on our planet. War puts us light years away from the Sustainable Development Goals. In a speech on jobs in March 1968, Dr. King said, “I doubt the government is much more concerned with winning an unjust war in Vietnam than with mobilizing its energy to win the war on poverty here at home. “. More than half a century later, the USA continues to disappoint the memory of MLK.

During wars, hundreds of thousands of civilians are murdered; thousands of soldiers killed, hundreds of thousands injured, multitudes of amputees, countless widows, countless orphans, dilapidated environments, physical and mental disabilities, disease, starvation, despair, pollution, homelessness, destroyed houses. Very often, such disastrous pictures are painted for us by wealthy governments because of their unbridled pursuit of profit, the exploitation of the natural resources of other countries.

At this stage of modernity, humanity must definitively humanize itself. It is truly not worth it for a government to pursue chthonic options for armed conflict when it could have been avoided through respectful communication and negotiation.

The gloomy picture depicted at the end of the acts of barbarism attributable to militarism and its twin brother materialism frightens those who have a heart and who believe that God has reserved this planet for us to live together. Existence is so much more fascinating when we multiply acts of love, solidarity and avoid killing each other like wild beasts. The list of damages and harms caused by the stupid wars waged ruthlessly by the so-called democratic and developed societies is appalling. As much ! The international conventions enacted by the UN must rethink their principles by giving priority to life, the most sacred gift.

Militarism contrasts with approaches that privilege negotiations, empathy, perspectives and the will to concessions and compromises. The role of rulers should be to use strategies to turn horror movies between nations into soap operas of romance and love.

Let us pay a well-deserved tribute to the Reverend Matin Luther King by subscribing to his fervent fight against the “Giant Triplex”. Respectful negotiations and communications can ensure a “Win-Win-Game” between nations. Patronizing interference and interventions are a poison for peace, stability and development. In the East and in the West, governments are invited to intelligently and judiciously rethink the allocation of human and material resources. MLK invites us to bring to the fore the sacred significance of human life regardless of gender, culture and skin tone.

Carly Dollin

Safeguarding the Ideals of Martin Luther King