Scuvera, a drug and alcoholic psychopath, kills Olivier in Courcelles and Jérôme in Jumet, with two bullets in the head… for 500€

Alfredo Scuvera is a parasite of society. He says it himself: he never completed his studies, he never worked a day in his life, he never tried to fit into society. “I don’t have time, I’m too busy with my cannabis business”, he told the investigators with a touch of provocation… It must be said that at the time, he sold a kilo every three days, which did not prevent him from registering at the CPAS.

During reconstruction.
During reconstruction. – Ch.

It is precisely this drug trafficking that is at the origin of the drama. Olivier Lauwers, 47, kept the goods for Scuvera, he served as his “nurse”, as they say in the industry. On December 15, 2019, after realizing that his cam had disappeared, Alfredo Scuvera shot the forties. The next day, the 16th, he does the same with Jérôme who owes him… 500 euros. A mobile that sends shivers down your spine.

Filmed by cameras

Jérôme is, chronologically, Scuvera’s second victim. But it is his body that is discovered first. On December 17, 2019, he did not show up for his post as cook at the Fedasil center in Jumet. It is not in his habits and one of his colleagues, worried, goes to his home, rue Frison in Jumet, after work. Behind the locked door, the thirty-year-old is discovered lifeless, two bullets in the head. No signs of a struggle, but the scene was filmed by the cameras Jerome had installed to monitor his dog… The images are frightening: two men wearing hooded jackets enter the apartment and move towards Jerome. One of the two pulls out a weapon and shoots the unfortunate man at point-blank range without a word. Execution in all its glory.

Jerome was 32 years old.
Jerome was 32 years old. -DR

Alfredo Scuvera.
Alfredo Scuvera. -DR

The telephone survey identifies Jérôme’s last contacts: a certain “Salvatore” and a certain “Olivier Lauwers”.

Wrapped in a sheet

A few days later, Olivier Lauwers’ mother and sister contact the police, they can’t reach him and it’s not usual. On December 21, the police in the Trieux area therefore went to the home of Lauwers, rue de Trazegnies in Courcelles. And there, the bloody story repeats itself: a corpse behind a locked door, two bullets in the head, a mobile phone and a wallet missing! Same modus operandi, except that Olivier’s body was transported from the living room to his bedroom and wrapped in a sheet or a shower curtain. And that the forensic findings show that he was killed before Jerome. Could we be dealing with a serial killer? The situation is all the more nebulous since, even if the name of Olivier Lauwers appears in Jérôme Thiébaut’s telephone directory, it is certain that the two victims do not know each other.

Olivier Wauters was 47 years old.
Olivier Wauters was 47 years old. -DR

Rue Frison in Jumet.
Rue Frison in Jumet. -KF

not very smart

If the two crimes are particularly bloody, the killer is neither very clever nor very careful: he was filmed at Jérôme’s house and left his fingerprints at Olivier’s. According to his relatives, he bought his cocaine from a certain “Salvatore”, a “dirty dangerous guy”. The telephone investigation makes it possible to make the link between the two crimes and to identify Alfredo Scuvera, 27 years old at the time, who is precisely on parole after a conviction for drug trafficking. The man, who lives with his mother-in-law, with his 15-year-old brother in Jumet, is generally called “Salvatore”.

The rest is January 3, 2020: search, deprivation of liberty, hearing. Scuvera indicates that the weapon and ammunition are buried in the garden, that he got rid of his victims’ mobile phones in the sewers, where they will be discovered. His half-brother confirms the double punitive expedition: “They owed Alfredo money and did not know how to pay”.

Scuvera, a drug and alcoholic psychopath, kills Olivier in Courcelles and Jérôme in Jumet, with two bullets in the head… for 500€