Sex, gender and horror for children. Is this the Rai fee we want?

A naked psychopath covered in blood shot down by the police while devouring a man; a group of pregnant women (one of them through the surrogate womb practice) who give birth suddenly while in the gym; a woman who morbidly entertains herself in bed with her partner before cheating on her with a lover, a gay couple one of which writhes from her pain until a policeman slowly and ostentatiously extracts a long tapeworm from his anus.

What are we talking about? Of a shocking cocktail of violent, gruesome, sexually explicit and pro-gender images broadcast by Rai in the middle of the protected area, therefore at the mercy of children and adolescents. In fact, everything is contained in an episode of the television series 9-1-1 aired on January 7, on Rai 2, at 7.40 pm. The first to raise the case were the former undersecretary of the Prime Minister with responsibility for family policies Carlo Giovanardi and the former president of the Forum of Family Associations Luisa Santolini, who presented a formal complaint to the Application Committee of the self-regulatory code middle and minor.

The unvarnished chronicle of what has just been told leaves little room for interpretations and also, dare we say it, for purely personal and “tasteful” opinions. Indeed, it would be disconcerting to think that there is someone who has the “taste” and “pleasure” in seeing such images, much less to think that they are contents suitable for a sensitive and impressionable audience such as that of children, even very young. An adult viewer, in fact, is in a position to choose but a child is not.

Shocking and gruesome contents that prompted the Pro Vita & Famiglia association – which dealt with the case after the complaint by Giovanardi and Santolini – to launch a petition (to ask the Application Committee of the “Media and Minors” Self-regulatory Code to sanction Rai for broadcasting these contents in a protected band.

In fact, we are faced with a clear and blatant violation of the regulations governing the broadcasting of content suitable or not for minors. And this objectivity of the facts naturally leads to asking – and, not wrongly, to demanding – a heavy and timely sanction precisely against Rai. Indeed, it is unacceptable that millions of Italian families should have to pay the license fee in their bills and then see the education and growth of their children jeopardized by an absurd and unspeakable conduct on the part of public state television, which is unfortunately now far away. from that famous “mother Rai” who in past decades has done so much good to the education, training and culture of many generations.

Now, on the other hand, it seems that Rai – let us not forget the recent past between gender propaganda and rental womb advertising – has changed course towards incoherent programming (without worrying whether or not you are in the protected range) and which responds to absurd and harmful horror logic, sadistic and aimed at hypersexualizing the world of children. Logics which, however, are endorsed by those who, to complaints, guiltily turn a deaf ear. Politics, in fact – caught up in internal and armchair struggles to elect the President of the Republic – has responded with silence and absence to the generalized concern on these issues. An absence of indignation which, as Carlo Giovanardi himself rightly declared, frustrates the enormous efforts that families, parents, teachers, educators, parish priests make every day to direct children and adolescents to respect certain values.

Sex, gender and horror for children. Is this the Rai fee we want?